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Installing the Solaris Security Toolkit

This section outlines the steps for constructing the Solaris OE into a bootable CD-ROM for installation.

To Install the Solaris Security Toolkit

  1. Inside the directory s0, remove all files and directories in the .install_config directory.

  2. Later, after installing the Solaris Security Toolkit software, you will copy all contents into the .install_config directory.

  3. Download the Solaris Security Toolkit software from the following Web site:

  4. http://www.sun.com/blueprints/tools

    We recommend that you use the tar format because extracting the file to the .install_config directory is more effective than using the Solaris package (pkg) format. For detailed information about downloading and installing the software, refer to the Sun BluePrint book Securing Systems with the Solaris Security Toolkit.

  5. Install the Solaris Security Toolkit software.

  6. CODE EXAMPLE-3 provides an example of the process for installing the Solaris Security Toolkit software.

    CODE EXAMPLE-3 Installing Solaris Security Toolkit Software

    # cp jass-4.0.tar.Z /export/core/s0/.install_config
    # cd /export/core/s0/.install_config
    # ls
    # uncompress jass-4.0.tar.Z
    # tar -xvf jass-4.0.tar
    x ./jass-4.0, 0 bytes, 0 tape blocks
    x ./jass-4.0/CHANGES, 27397 bytes, 54 tape blocks
    x ./jass-4.0/CREDITS, 3410 bytes, 7 tape blocks
    x ./jass-4.0/Documentation, 0 bytes, 0 tape blocks
    x ./jass-4.0/Documentation/BuildInf.pdf, 96402 bytes, 189 tape blocks
    x ./jass-4.0/Documentation/audit_config.pdf, 128574 bytes, 252 tape blocks
    x ./jass-4.0/Documentation/jass_config_install-v03.pdf, 144869 bytes, 283 tape blocks
    x ./jass-4.0/Documentation/jass_internals-v03.pdf, 120116 bytes, 235 tape blocks
    x ./jass-4.0/Documentation/jass_quick_start-v03.pdf, 59085 bytes, 116 tape blocks
    x ./jass-4.0/Documentation/network-updt1.pdf, 97271 bytes, 190 tape blocks
    # cd jass-4.0.0
    # ls
    add-client Documentation  Finish     jass-execute  MANIFEST    
    Packages  QUESTIONAIRE  rules.SAMPLE  CHANGES    Drivers     
    INSTALL   LICENSE     nomatch.beg  Patches    README     
    Sysidcfg  CREDITS     Files      
    jass-check-sum make-jass-pkg  OS       Profiles    rm-client    sysidcfg
    # mv * /export/core/s0/.install_config
    # cd /export/core/s0/.install_config
    # rm –rf jass-4.0.0
  7. After you copy the Solaris Security Toolkit directory contents to the .install_config directory, copy any existing JumpStart installation profiles to the Profiles directory under /export/core/s0/install_config.

  8. Be sure to place the files in the proper directories, as they were on the JumpStart server. For instance, any profiles should be contained in the Profiles directory.

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