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In this hour we saw how to create our first useful ASP.NET Web page. We started by outlining the features we wanted to include in our ASP.NET Web page, including the output and needed inputs. We then briefly discussed what the user interface should look like.

Next we implemented the user interface by completing the HTML portion of the ASP.NET Web page. Using the Web Matrix Project's WYSIWYG editor, it was simply a matter of typing in the textbox labels and dragging and dropping the needed TextBox, Button, and Label Web controls.

After the HTML portion, the source code portion was entered. The code to perform the calculation was inserted in an event handler for the Compute Monthly Cost button's Click event. This had the effect of having the entered code executed whenever the user clicked the Compute Monthly Cost button.

Finally, we tested the ASP.NET Web page by visiting it with a Web browser and entering some values for the three textboxes.

In this hour we did not spend much time discussing the source code or the specifics of the Button Web control's Click event and corresponding event handler. We will touch upon these issues in detail in the next two hours.

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