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  1. What's the difference between opening a new blank presentation within PowerPoint and just opening PowerPoint to a blank presentation?

  1. When you open PowerPoint to a blank presentation, it becomes Presentation1 in the Title bar. Choosing a new presentation from within PowerPoint opens a second Presentation2, and Presentation1 is still available and active underneath.

  2. When you close PowerPoint, you're prompted to save both presentations. Remember to rename (Save As) for any important presentations. We'll learn ways to work with multiple presentations in Hour 11, "Working Smarter Not Harder."

  1. What's the difference between a text placeholder and a text box?

  1. The placeholder for title or bullets is present in a slide layout when you select it in the Layout task pane. It has a text prompt to "Click here to enter text," but no text will be visible in the final slide until you enter it.

  2. The title placeholder, when filled with text, is a special text box that contains the slide title—that's important because it makes it easier to identify the slide.

    The bullet placeholder, when filled with text, is a special text box that contains bullets and the bullet icons.

    A text box can be placed anywhere on a slide and is not included in a layout. But you can add bullets or numbering to a selected text box just by selecting Format, Bullets and Numbering.

  1. If I put a text box near the bullet area, is that okay?

  1. As long as the bullet area remains transparent (the default), it shouldn't pose any problem. But if you give the bullet placeholder a fill color, the text box might disappear behind it.

  2. In that case, you'll want to reshape the bullet placeholder or change the order of the bullet placeholder (click Draw on the Drawing toolbar) to be behind the text box. We'll cover these graphics techniques in more detail later in this book.

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