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Publish APIs

The publish APIs receive publish information about a business entity and the services and interaction specifications it offers. The publish APIs use a dedicated uniform resource locator (URL) called publish URL. The publish URL accepts XML messages that perform tasks, such as the following (all of which also include deletion):

  • Business entity registration

  • Service registration

  • Service binding definitions

  • Taxonomy registration

  • Interaction specification registration

  • Business relationships assertion

For a complete list, refer to the latest UDDI API specification document.

Figure 3 depicts the role of the publish URL in a UDDI registry. The publish URLs for the UBR operators would normally take the following form:


Notice that these URLs provide secure communication because they accept sensitive data such as username and password. This type of information must be encrypted when it travels over an open network such as the Internet.

Figure 3Figure 3 UDDI interactions supported on a publish URL.

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