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Summary Checklist

Here's a review of the key points that we've covered in this article:

  • PBX, IP Telephony, unified messaging—there are a lot of phone technology options to choose from. Find the system that meets your present and future needs in the price range that your company can afford.

  • The product choice will likely lead you to the right vendor. When faced with multiple vendors in your area selling the same product, look to the one that offers the best service.

  • Leasing versus buying is an economic decision. Have a good idea for how long the system will serve you.

  • Installation and testing is the fun part. You finally get to implement the plan that you've chosen. Test every possible scenario so that the system is ready for production.

  • Remember that training is an investment. When you provide more training, your system will get more and better use, and you'll get fewer support calls.

The next article in this series will discuss protecting your valuable data assets by installing a security system.

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