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Section 2.2: Identify the Device ID (DID) on the First Cluster Node

On the first cluster node, examine the /etc/name_to_major file, and record the DID number located at the end of the file. This value must be unique for the SunPlex platform. Furthermore, upon completion of the Sun Cluster software installation, the DID number configured in the /etc/name_to_major file should be identical on each cluster node.

Step 2.2.1

On the first cluster node, enter the following command to examine the /etc/name_to_major file. For later use, record the major device number entry during this installation for global device IDs (that is, DID xxx).

root@clustnode1# tail /etc/name_to_major
. . .
. . .
did 300


Displaying the last few lines of this file should indicate the value for a global did of xxx. After the Sun Cluster software has been installed, each cluster node must have the identical value (for example, did 300). This file will be automatically modified, later, during VxVM installation.

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