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Apache Hadoop YARN: A Brief History and Rationale
This chapter provides a historical account of why and how Apache Hadoop YARN came about.
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By Arun C. Murthy, Doug Eadline, Jeff Markham, Joseph Niemiec, Vinod Kumar VavilapalliMar 24, 2014
Michael ManoochehriData Just Right Video Tutorials: How to Use Hadoop, Hive, Shark, R, Apache Pig, Mahout, and Google BigQuery
Michael Manoochehri provides viewers with an introduction to implementing practical solutions for common data problems. This excerpt from Data Just Right LiveLessonscontains three sample videos: 1. Loading Data into Hive, 2. Writing a Multistep MapReduce Job Using the mrjob Python Library, and 3. Using the Pandas Library for Analyzing Time Series Data.
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By Michael ManoochehriFeb 26, 2014
Data Reshaping in R
Jared P. Lander considers when the data needs to be rearranged from column oriented to row oriented (or the opposite) and when the data are in multiple, separate sets and need to be combined into one.
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By Jared P. LanderFeb 3, 2014
The Basics of Monitoring Cassandra
This chapter covers the basics of monitoring Cassandra. These include file-based logging, inspection of the JVM, and monitoring of Cassandra itself.
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By Russell Bradberry, Eric LubowJan 28, 2014

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Brad YaleWhy Open Source Matters: Musings from OSCON

With OSCON taking place in Oregon from 7/20/2014 – 7/24/2014, the Open Source community will come together to discuss everything new in the Open Source world. From OSS to Java, Python to PHP, Cloud Computing to Perl and emerging programming languages to mobile platforms, the Open Source community has a lot to chat about.

This said, I wanted to take the time to discuss why the Open Source initiative matters by highlighting a few key elements of the protocol which help to make it so powerful.

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By Brad YaleCommentsJuly 22, 2014
Topics: Other Applications,Home & Office Computing,Python,MySQL,PHP,Information Technology,Python,Programming,Open Source,Ruby/Ruby on Rails,Web Services,Graphics & Web Design,Perl,Web Development,Data,Mobile Application Development & Programming,Perl,Android,Ajax & JavaScript,Linux/UNIX/Open Source,PHP,Linux/UNIX/Open Source Operating Systems,HTML5 & Web Standards,Operating Systems, Server
Emily NaveThe IT List: What You Missed This Week on InformIT [7/11/14]

With today's "connected life" running 24/7, we recognize it's hard to keep up with all your favorite websites and tech resources. The IT List is here to help you cut through the noise. Check back each Friday for a quick digest of articles, resources, promotions, and other goodies worth a first or second look on InformIT.

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By Emily NaveCommentsJuly 11, 2014
Topics: Home & Office Computing,Information Technology,Software Development & Management,Programming,Open Source,Web Services,Graphics & Web Design,Networking,Engineering,Web Development,Certification,Data,Mobile Application Development & Programming,Security,Hardware,Process Improvement,Business & Management
Brad YaleAmerica the Crumbling: The Case for Greater Internet Access, Broadband and Lower Pricing

I love the World Cup. I hate Verizon. The combination of Messi, Muller, Robin van Persie and Clint Dempsey matched with the slow lag prone streaming quality of the ESPN Watch App got me thinking about the horrible state of the American Internet. Make no mistake about it, the American Internet infrastructure is crumbling. Here's why the American Internet is so bad and how we can fix it. 

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By Brad YaleCommentsJuly 10, 2014
Topics: Upgrading & Repairing,Information Technology,Web Services,Networking,Engineering,Data,Global Business,Hardware,Communications Engineering,Cloud Computing,Business & Management
Brad YaleToll Booths & Control: The Quest Against Net Neutrality

Maybe you have heard the term Net Neutrality. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, if you’re reading this and you love the Internet, Net Neutrality is something you need to know about.

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By Brad YaleCommentsJune 27, 2014
Topics: The Web/Virtual Worlds/Social Networking,Home & Office Computing,Information Technology,Open Source,Data,Global Business,Business & Management

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