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We currently do not have any Information Management related titles. Please check back later.

We currently do not have any Information Management related articles. Please check back later.


Brad YaleThe Rise of Communication through Haptic Feedback

For most of us, haptic feedback takes two forms - a vibrating phone in your pocket alerting you to an incoming message and key stroke vibrations when typing a text message/playing a game on your smart device. This though, is a shame because as Apple and Google engineers know, haptic feedback could be and should be used for so much more.

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By Brad YaleCommentsJanuary 14, 2015
Topics: Other Applications,Home & Office Computing,Information Technology,Web Services,Engineering,Information Management,Data,Mobile Application Development & Programming,Hardware,Communications Engineering,Cloud Computing
John  TraenkenschuhGone with the passwords

How much can Digital Cryptography do?

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By John TraenkenschuhCommentsJune 22, 2014
Topics: The Web/Virtual Worlds/Social Networking,Other Applications,Home & Office Computing,Software Security,Access,General Security and Privacy,Information Technology,Software Development & Management,SOA,BusinessObjects/Crystal Reports,Open Source,DB2,Web Services,Information Management,Storage,Networking,Network Security,Information Management,Management & Strategy,Data,Mobile Application Development & Programming,Global Business,Security,Data Analytics and Visualization,Business Applications,Cloud Computing,Process Improvement,Business & Management
Brad YaleHow Morphing IT Infrastructure is Giving Rise to Data Driven Mobile Application Sensory

In the past few years, the IT world has undergone a tremendous shift in how data center infrastructure resources are used, applied and secured. This shift to Cloud Computing is powering the next great IT evolution - Big Data and the Internet of Things.

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By Brad YaleCommentsJune 6, 2014
Topics: Information Technology,Web Services,Networking,Information Management,Data,Cloud Computing,Network Design & Architecture
John  TraenkenschuhHuman Telematics v2

What is Data Leakage, any way?  Why is it now such a big problem?

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By John TraenkenschuhCommentsFebruary 6, 2014
Topics: Software Security,General Security and Privacy,Information Technology,Information Management,Network Security,Information Management,Data,Security,Data Analytics and Visualization,Business Applications,Business & Management

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