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Using Database Tools and Utilities in DB2
How do you work with DB2? How do you issue SQL and/or XQuery statements and enter DB2 commands? Are there graphical tools that can make your administration tasks easier? This chapter provides the answers to all of these questions. DB2 provides a wide range of tools, both graphical and command-driven, to help you work with DB2.
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By Raul F. Chong, Clara LiuNov 19, 2013
SQL Standards and Guidelines for DB2 Developers
This chapter shows how to create a set of SQL standards and guidelines for developers to follow when running applications that involve DB2.
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By Tony AndrewsOct 15, 2012
pureXML: Using XML in DB2 for z/OS
This chapter introduces you to the basics of XML and provides an overview of pureXML, IBM’s implementation of XML support embedded in DB2.
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By Craig S. MullinsJun 4, 2012
Converting XML to Relational Data for Use in DB2
This chapter describes methods to convert XML documents to rows in relational tables.
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By Matthias Nicola, Pav Kumar-ChatterjeeAug 13, 2009

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