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A .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security: Understanding Impersonation
By Keith Brown
Feb 18, 2005
Impersonation is one of the most useful mechanisms in Windows security. It's also fragile and easy to misuse. Careful use of impersonation can lead to a secure, easy-to-administer application. Misuse can open gaping security holes. This sample chapter will help you to use impersonation properly and effectively.
A .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security: Understanding Ownership
By Keith Brown
Feb 25, 2005
One of the most important components of ACL-based security in Windows is unfortunately also one of the most subtle and overlooked: ownership. Learn about ownership and its importance to security in this sample chapter.
A .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security: Understanding Protocol Transition
By Keith Brown
Mar 4, 2005
New to Windows Server 2003, Protocol Transition allows you to establish logon sessions with valid Kerberos credentials for an arbitrary domain user without knowing that user's password. This chapter discusses this new tool and its implications for network security.
A .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security: Understanding User Profiles
By Keith Brown
Feb 4, 2005
Understanding just what user profiles are, and how they interact with the Windows registry system is key to keeping a secure system. Making sure that your programs store settings in the user-specific settings trees, rather than the program directory, will help keep passwords and other vital information secure.
A .NET Framework Text and Font Primer
By Peter Aitken
Apr 21, 2006
Almost any application you write has to display text in some form or another. But how do you make it all come together? The .NET Framework makes text display and fonts a snap. Peter Aitken shares the basics.
A Boost Graph Library Tutorial
By Jeremy G. Siek
Mar 1, 2002
This sample chapter from The Boost Graph Library: User Guide and Reference Manual introduces concepts and provides some motivation for the choice of concepts in the BGL.
A Brief History of Programming, Part 1
By David Chisnall
Oct 26, 2007
David Chisnall takes a look at some of the developments that created the current crop of languages.
A Brief History of Programming, Part 2
By David Chisnall
Nov 2, 2007
David Chisnall examines the rise of object-oriented programming and the models used to write parallel code.
A Brief Tour of C# 6.0
By Bill Wagner
Feb 16, 2015
Are you eager for the release of C# 6.0? Bill Wagner is! The author of Effective C#: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your C#, Second Edition discusses a few of his favorite new features, including some that you probably thought were already in the code, and other pleasant surprises.
A C# Programming Tour
By James Foxall, Wendy Haro-Chun
Sep 6, 2002
This first chapter is designed to build confidence and get you immediately productive with C# by having you build a real-world application that lets a user browse his hard drive and display a picture on the screen.
A C# Reading List by Eric Lippert
By Eric Lippert
Nov 7, 2011
C# expert Eric Lippert discusses some of the books he recommends to others and cannot live without himself.
A C++ Reading List by John Lakos
By John Lakos
Jun 17, 2013
John Lakos, author of Large-Scale C++ Software Design and senior architect and Bloomberg LP, shares his list of favorite resources for C++ software engineers.
A Cocoa Application: Views
By Fritz Anderson
Apr 14, 2006
This chapter introduces Interface Builder, a tool no less important to Cocoa development than Xcode itself. IB is used as a straightforward tool for laying out windows and views. You'll see how to set the many options for automatic sizing of embedded views and how to use Interface Builder's own simulation mode to verify that your layout and sizing choices work.
A Contemporary Framework for Agile Product Management in the Enterprise
By Dean Leffingwell
Aug 27, 2009
Dean Leffingwell discusses the changing role of product management in the enterprise during the transition to Agile development methods.
A Cyclic Model for Software Deployment
By Mauro Marinilli
Jan 25, 2002
This article by Mauro Marinilli discusses some approaches to software deployment and related software services that can be provided to client programs.
A Data Analysis Methodology for Software Managers
By Katrina D. Maxwell
Aug 2, 2002
Software industry expert Katrina Maxwell demonstrates how to analyze complicated databases and transform information into management implications. Learn the methodology for analyzing software project data with this simplified approach.
A Design Technique: Data Integration Modeling
By Anthony David Giordano
Jan 19, 2011
This chapter focuses on a new design technique for the analysis and design of data integration processes. This technique uses a graphical process modeling view of data integration similar to the graphical view an entity-relationship diagram provides for data models.
A Fast Introduction to Basic Servlet Programming
By Marty Hall
Oct 25, 2002
Learn the advantages of servlets over competing technologies, as well as servlet programming techniques - such as basic servlet structure and life cycle and servlet initialization parameters.
A First Attempt at a Distributed Service
By Bob Grogan
May 11, 2001
Web services expert Bob Grogan discusses the basic components of a Web Service that uses existing technologies to overcome past obstacles to profitability.
A First Look at VB 7.0 and the .NET Framework
By Dan Fox
Oct 4, 2000
Dan Fox takes a look at what is on the horizon for the next version of Visual Basic, and how it relates to Microsoft's new .NET initiative.

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