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Naresh Apte concludes his discussion of UDDI APIs with this article on using the UDDI4J APIs in Java to inquire for web services in a UDDI registry.

Naresh Apte continues his series on publishing and getting information about web services in a UDDI registry. This article focuses on using the UDDI4J APIs in Java to publish web services in a UDDI registry.

With potentially thousands of listings in a UDDI registry, how does a service consumer find the right candidate to supply a necessary service? Naresh Apte explains how inquiry APIs provide the answer.

Listing your web service in a UDDI registry is an easy but detailed procedure. In addition to the technical details, you must be careful about modeling each entity properly in business context. Naresh Apte and Toral Mehta provide the steps for getting it right.

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John  Traenkenschuh

New Mac OS X Means New Tricks...

John  Traenkenschuh

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John  Traenkenschuh

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John  Traenkenschuh

Microsoft has always found support for its platforms by providing an excellent development IDE.  Now, that IDE is free, in most circumstances.

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