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B.M. HarwaniApplying AJAX to a PHP App to Make It Highly Responsive
AJAX is rapidly becoming an integral part of websites. It not only provides better interactivity but also reloads the dynamic content of web pages quicker than traditional web pages. Learn to apply AJAX in PHP applications to enhance interaction between the user and application.
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By B.M. HarwaniMar 20, 2014
Working with Arrays in PHP and MySQL
This chapter presents the most important problems you’ll have to solve when working with arrays—and, of course, solutions for these problems.
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By Christian WenzNov 20, 2012
Working with SOAP Messages in PHP
Octavia Anghel shows you how to write a PHP web service using the NuSOAP library, as well as a JavaScript client to consume it using the AJAX technology and the SOAP protocol.
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By Octavia AnghelMar 9, 2011
Seth FogieExploiting phpMyadmin: How to Get root in 15 Easy Steps
Security expert Seth Fogie provides you with a real-world illustration of a how a simple overlooked account can lead to root access.
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By Seth FogieNov 20, 2009

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Brad YaleOn The Importance of Continued Education

Normally, I use this space to talk about tech issues. In a way, I will use this post to do that yet more than anything else, I am going to use this space to talk about the reality of continuing to learn in a professional setting. More specifically, I am going to use this space to talk about the importance of continued education in a professional/personal setting and some of the interactive tech tools – Learning Labs – InformIT offers to help you to continue to learn. I promise you, you’ll love Learning Labs.

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By Brad YaleCommentsAugust 12, 2014
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