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Stephen B. MorrisProtect C++ Legacy Programs by Using Python
Stephen B. Morris illustrates a simple way to execute C++ programs by using Python. This approach is lightweight and yet robust, taking advantage of Python's powerful exception-management facilities. Learn how to achieve deeper integration between C++ and Python, while addressing important design issues.
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By Stephen B. MorrisFeb 11, 2014
Jesse SmithAn Introduction to Python Web Development Using the Pyramid Framework, Part 7
In Part 7 of his seven-part series on learning Python Pyramid, Jesse Smith concludes the series by talking about the HTTP and Session objects.
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By Jesse SmithJan 13, 2014
Jesse SmithAn Introduction to Python Web Development Using the Pyramid Framework, Part 6
In Part 6 of his seven-part series on learning Python Pyramid, Jesse Smith covers how to use Pyramid templates.
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By Jesse SmithJan 6, 2014
Katie CunninghamPython and Your Phone: Let’s Talk About Kivy
Thanks to a new library, Python programmers can program apps using Kivy. This article introduces the key Kivy features and then shows how to handle layout in Kivy and explore some existing examples.
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By Katie CunninghamJan 6, 2014

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Brad YaleWhy Open Source Matters: Musings from OSCON

With OSCON taking place in Oregon from 7/20/2014 – 7/24/2014, the Open Source community will come together to discuss everything new in the Open Source world. From OSS to Java, Python to PHP, Cloud Computing to Perl and emerging programming languages to mobile platforms, the Open Source community has a lot to chat about.

This said, I wanted to take the time to discuss why the Open Source initiative matters by highlighting a few key elements of the protocol which help to make it so powerful.

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By Brad YaleCommentsJuly 22, 2014
Topics: Other Applications,Home & Office Computing,Python,MySQL,PHP,Information Technology,Python,Programming,Open Source,Ruby/Ruby on Rails,Web Services,Graphics & Web Design,Perl,Web Development,Data,Mobile Application Development & Programming,Perl,Android,Ajax & JavaScript,Linux/UNIX/Open Source,PHP,Linux/UNIX/Open Source Operating Systems,HTML5 & Web Standards,Operating Systems, Server
Brad YaleTop Three Reasons to Learn to Code with InformIT LiveLessons Video Tutorials

Learning to code has never been so simple. With IT video tutorials presented in a learn-as-you-go fashion, InformIT LiveLessons empower dev newbies to learn the ropes and seasoned programmers to beef up their skills. At 70% off, you simply can’t go wrong.

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By Brad YaleCommentsJune 20, 2014
Topics: Graphic Programming,Python,ASP .NET,Android,Ruby,PHP,Python,Sales & Marketing,Programming,Java,Open Source,Ruby/Ruby on Rails,C#,Perl,C/C++,Algorithms,PHP,HTML5/CSS/Blend,JavaScript,Business & Management
Brad YaleTop Five Reasons to Learn Game Development

Maybe you love video games. Maybe you were raised on a steady diet of Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, Duck Hunt and Sim City. Or maybe you have always dabbled in C++, HTML5, OpenGL, C# and DirectX and have wondered how and why you should apply your programming skills to game development. Well, for you, the coder who loves kicking butt in Eve Online, we present to you the top five reasons to learn game dev.

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By Brad YaleCommentsJune 16, 2014
Topics: Graphic Programming,Python,Windows Phone,ASP .NET,Android,User Interface (UI),Programming,Java,iOS,C#,Games,C/C++,General Programming/Other Languages,Mac and iOS Programming,Mobile Application Development & Programming,Android,Global Business,HTML5/CSS/Blend,HTML5 & Web Standards,JavaScript,Business & Management
Eric Garulay30 Great Programming & Development Video Courses from Pearson’s LiveLessons Series

Video tutorials have become an essential resource for coders of all types and skill levels. Whether you build applications, systems, games, or websites, learning the latest technologies at your own pace with hands-on instruction from leading experts is an effective training solution for novices, specialists, polyglots, and everyone in-between.  Pearson’s LiveLessons series contains a growing collection of hundreds of video courses for IT professionals covering the full-range of programming and development topics. 

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By Eric GarulayCommentsNovember 1, 2013
Topics: Python,Software Development & Management,Programming,ASP.NET,Java,Python,C#,Ruby/Ruby on Rails,Perl,Agile,C/C++,Web Development,Mac and iOS Programming,Perl,HTML5/CSS/Blend,HTML/CSS

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