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This chapter describes the step-by-step process to install a clean version of the Windows Server 2012 operating system, upgrade an existing system to Windows Server 2012, and, finally, install a Windows Server 2012 Server Core edition.

This chapter discusses the internal working of Configuration Manager.

Don Poulton

This chapter introduces you to the management of printers, which is an important topic—both in real life and on the MCTS 70-642 exam.

Ronald D. Reeves, Ph.D. discusses the Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF), which is one of the major frameworks supplied by Microsoft to make the driver writer’s life much easier.

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John  Traenkenschuh

New Mac OS X Means New Tricks...

John  Traenkenschuh

Wow, who abducted our Windows 10 assumptions and left this smooth running and easy-to-use Operating System in their place?

John  Traenkenschuh

The Cloud is mighty!  All Hail the Cloud, The Slayer of PCs!

John  Traenkenschuh

Windows 8 was envisioned as a desktop OS capable of fighting the consumers' fling with Tablets. Now that the war is against Tablets AND PC's, can Windows 10 draw consumers to it?

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