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Security Program and Policies: Governance and Risk Management
This chapter explains how to manage information security policies, describes roles and responsibilities related to information security, identifies the components of risk management, and shows how to create polices related to information security policy, governance, and risk management.
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By Sari GreeneApr 16, 2014
CISSP Exam Cram: Security Architecture and Models
This chapter introduces the trusted computer base and the ways in which systems can be evaluated to assess the level of security to help you prepare for the CISSP exam.
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By Michael GreggFeb 4, 2013
Hands-on Guide to the Red Hat Exams: System Logging, Monitoring, and Automation
This chapter covers working with Syslog, monitoring system performance, and automation with cron and at.
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By Damian TommasinoApr 28, 2011
SCEA for Java EE Exam Prep: Web Tier Technologies
In preparation for the SCEA for Java EE exam, this chapter covers the area of presentation in the JEE platform and focuses on presentation technologies designed to render in a standards-compliant HTML browser.
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By Mark Cade, Humphrey SheilMar 29, 2010

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Jamie ShoupGifts for Your Geek - Recommended Holiday Learning

Holiday shopping can be difficult when trying to find something for those high-level techie-types. Gadgets go out of style and it’s hard to know if a specific technology syncs up with what they currently have --- one gift that keeps on giving is learning.

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By Jamie ShoupCommentsDecember 3, 2013
Topics: Microsoft Certification,Home & Office Computing,Cisco Networking Academy,Home Networking,Storage,Networking,Wireless/High Speed/Optical,Cisco Certification,Other IT,Virtualization,Routing & Switching,Network Administration & Management,Certification,CompTIA,Other Non-Technical,Network Design & Architecture,Voice/IP Communications
Jamie ShoupThree New Author Webinars Announced for October

The Cisco Press Author Webinar Series continues on the Cisco Learning Network, as three sets of authors embark on featured learning events during the month of October.

Mark your calendar and make sure to attend the below events, as Cisco Press will have special offers for those in attendance!  Five review copies of the author's recent products will also be given away during the events. Each even will be archived as well for future viewing.

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By Jamie ShoupCommentsOctober 3, 2013
Topics: Microsoft Certification,Cisco Networking Academy,Software Security,Storage,Networking,Network Security,Wireless/High Speed/Optical,Cisco Certification,Other IT,Routing & Switching,Certification,Security,Other Networking,CompTIA,Other Non-Technical,Voice/IP Communications,Business & Management
John  TraenkenschuhFake ID's--40 Years later

What is it about official looking documents that mislead too many, too easily???

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By John TraenkenschuhCommentsJune 21, 2013
Topics: Software Security,Software Development & Management,Network Security,Other IT,Certification,Security
Rachel BaylessInformIT's 17 Days of Giveaways

Get ready for a month full of giveaways. From July 9 through the end of the month, InformIT will be having 17 days of giveaways. Each week has a theme to make sure that there’s something YOU will be excited to win!

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By Rachel BaylessCommentsJuly 3, 2012
Topics: Microsoft Certification,Other Applications,Graphic Programming,Six Sigma and Process Improvement,Upgrading & Repairing,Home & Office Computing,General Engineering & Hardware,Cisco Networking Academy,Software Security,Microsoft Servers,Access,Information Technology,Software Development & Management,SOA,Microsoft Windows 7,User Interface (UI),Programming,Dreamweaver & Flash,SQL Server,Java,Open Source,Web Services,Graphics & Web Design,Storage,Networking,Windows Programming,Eclipse,Network Security,Wireless/High Speed/Optical,Engineering,Cisco Certification,Microsoft Windows Vista & Home Server,C/C++,Other IT,Web Development,Routing & Switching,Certification,Web Services/ XML/ SOA/ WebSphere/ WCF,Data,Security,Hardware,Linux/UNIX/Open Source,Communications Engineering,Other Networking,CompTIA,Semiconductor Technologies,Microsoft Applications,Other Non-Technical,MAC OS X/Other,Operating Systems, Server,Process Improvement,Voice/IP Communications,Business & Management

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