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John  Traenkenschuh

Well Played, Microsoft, Well Played

By John TraenkenschuhNov 23, 2014

Microsoft has always found support for its platforms by providing an excellent development IDE.  Now, that IDE is free, in most circumstances.

John  Traenkenschuh

More Compelling Windows 9 Features

By John TraenkenschuhAug 16, 2013

Many post little more than harsh criticism of Microsoft's Metro Interface in Windows 8.  Traenk thinks there is a middle path that can get people talking about the powerful Operating System instead of the interface. 

Emily Nave

#TuesdayTrivia: WindowsRT, Tiles and Charms...Oh My! Win "Building Windows 8 Apps with C# and XAML" eBook by Jeremy Likness

By Emily NaveNov 6, 2012

Software developers know the thing you can count on in your career is change. Microsoft is redefining the way apps are developed -- are you ready to get on board?

Rachel Bayless

InformIT's 17 Days of Giveaways

By Rachel BaylessJul 3, 2012

Get ready for a month full of giveaways. From July 9 through the end of the month, InformIT will be having 17 days of giveaways. Each week has a theme to make sure that there’s something YOU will be excited to win!

Emily Nave

#TuesdayTrivia: Spotlight on WP7 (Win a copy of Sams Teach Yourself Windows Phone 7 Application Development)

By Emily NaveMay 2, 2012

These days, what CAN'T a smartphone do? Microsoft is putting their own spin on things to help you experience "life in motion" when using your device. Instead of containing static application icons, the re-imagined Start screen features live Tiles showing real-time content updates.

Emily Nave

March Trivia #1: Let there be light! (Win Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Unleashed)

By Emily NaveMar 13, 2012

Want a simplified self-service tool to help you build business applications for the desktop and beyond? Microsoft programmers… meet Visual Studio LightSwitch.

John  Traenkenschuh

What happened to the Pocket PC?

By John TraenkenschuhApr 8, 2011

Windows CE is a tough computer to outfit!

John  Traenkenschuh

Windows Security Improvements

By John TraenkenschuhApr 2, 2011

Traenk is still upset by his recent dive into Windows security.  So much more was promised when the merger of Windows 9x and NT lines was announced, so long ago.

John  Traenkenschuh

There are no secrets II

By John TraenkenschuhOct 30, 2010

After the discussion on client configurations betraying your infrastructure choices, my talk with Sim Pul Simon (my corrected spelling) turned to other server examples.

Emily Nave

Community Tips: Use Community Megaphone to Promote Developer Events

By Emily NaveOct 27, 2010

Planning a User Group or community gathering for developers? Community Megaphone, built by Microsoft Developer Evangelist G. Andrew Duthie aka @devhammer, provides a simple way to share and discover all kinds of events relating to software development.

Jim Mischel

"Highly unlikely" does not mean "impossible"

By Jim MischelJul 18, 2009

One of my programs crashed the other day in a very unexpected place.  A call to System.Threading.ConcurrentQueue.TryDequeue (from the Parallel Extensions to .NET) resulted in an OverflowException being thrown.  Investigation revealed a pretty serious bug in the System.Random constructor.

John  Traenkenschuh

It's Here; Put Away Your Pre-Conceptions on What an OS Must Be: Part II

By John TraenkenschuhMay 24, 2009

In the last blog in this series, Traenk relates his first experiences with computers and with coding.  But now, some years have passed. . .

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