IT Training

Get intensive, hands-on training in critical technology, design, and business topics, led by instructors from Pearson and Safari's unparalleled network of tech innovators and expert practitioners.

Live training programs allow people to learn in whatever way is best for them. They offer instructor-led, hands-on courses, with an emphasis on the social aspects of learning. Each course is led by an expert practitioner in the subject, someone working in industry. They've seen what works and what doesn't—instead of just memorizing a syllabus and slide deck. These instructors guide you through hands-on course materials and they're available to help answer your questions at any point. And you're able to interact with other students, learning from their experience.

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Examples of Live Training Courses

Safari Live Online Training: Big Data
Safari Live Online Training: Cybersecurity
Safari Live Online Training: Go Programming
Safari Live Online Training: Linux
Safari Live Online Training: Python
Safari Live Online Training: Scala