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Brad Yale

How the Internet Works: Platform As A Service

By Brad YaleFeb 26, 2015

In an ongoing effort to shed light on basic concepts within the Internet, this article is going to touch on a underlying principle of cloud based solutions, PaaS. This article will aim to answer the following questions:

  1. What is PaaS?
  2. How does PaaS Work?
  3. How is PaaS Different than Traditional App Development?
  4. What are the Major Benefits of PaaS?
  5. Who Should Utilize PaaS?

  6. If you need a refresher on how the cloud works, check out "How the Internet Works: The Layers of the Cloud"

Brad Yale

On The Importance of Continued Education

By Brad YaleAug 12, 2014

Normally, I use this space to talk about tech issues. In a way, I will use this post to do that yet more than anything else, I am going to use this space to talk about the reality of continuing to learn in a professional setting. More specifically, I am going to use this space to talk about the importance of continued education in a professional/personal setting and some of the interactive tech tools – Learning Labs – InformIT offers to help you to continue to learn. I promise you, you’ll love Learning Labs.

Brad Yale

Five Reasons to Advance Your Developer and Programming Skills

By Brad YaleJul 17, 2014

Much to the opposite of everything you told your mom for years, you don’t know everything. Knowledge is power. As a programmer, as a developer, as a new coding student or a seen it all hacker, you can always beef up your dev skills. For that reason, here at the top five reasons why you should advance your programming skills with the InformIT 50% Off Developer Video Training event. 

Brad Yale

Top Three Reasons to Learn to Code with InformIT LiveLessons Video Tutorials

By Brad YaleJun 20, 2014

Learning to code has never been so simple. With IT video tutorials presented in a learn-as-you-go fashion, InformIT LiveLessons empower dev newbies to learn the ropes and seasoned programmers to beef up their skills. At 70% off, you simply can’t go wrong.

Brad Yale

Top Five Reasons to Learn Game Development

By Brad YaleJun 16, 2014

Maybe you love video games. Maybe you were raised on a steady diet of Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, Duck Hunt and Sim City. Or maybe you have always dabbled in C++, HTML5, OpenGL, C# and DirectX and have wondered how and why you should apply your programming skills to game development. Well, for you, the coder who loves kicking butt in Eve Online, we present to you the top five reasons to learn game dev.

Stephane Nakib

Save 40% on Java 8

By Stephane NakibMar 25, 2014

Oracle is debuting Java SE 8 today, and to celebrate we are offering 40% off our Java 8 books, eBooks, and video. PLUS download  "Lambada Expressions: Most Basic Form" from Marty Hall's Java 8: Lambda Expressions and Streams LiveLessons.  All at our new Java Resource Center.

Jamie Shoup

New Book Bridges the Gap Aimed at Optimizing Virtualized Systems Running Java

By Jamie ShoupNov 7, 2013

Author and Expert Emad Benajmin has put forward an indispensable new guide that offers practical solutions and theories for technical professionals responsible for Java performance in a virtualized enterprise system. His new book published with VMware PressVirtualizing and Tuning Large Scale Java Platforms, provides technical advice, troubleshooting help, best practices, and detailed case studies.

Eric Garulay

30 Great Programming & Development Video Courses from Pearson’s LiveLessons Series

By Eric GarulayNov 1, 2013

Video tutorials have become an essential resource for coders of all types and skill levels. Whether you build applications, systems, games, or websites, learning the latest technologies at your own pace with hands-on instruction from leading experts is an effective training solution for novices, specialists, polyglots, and everyone in-between.  Pearson’s LiveLessons series contains a growing collection of hundreds of video courses for IT professionals covering the full-range of programming and development topics. 

John  Traenkenschuh

Java--Then and Now

By John TraenkenschuhJun 21, 2013

Traenk muses over security features versus security readiness...

Rachel Bayless

Day 9 of #17DaysofGiveaways - Software Engineering Week

By Rachel BaylessJul 19, 2012

The Day 9 giveaway will add a nice touch to your bookshelf. We’re giving away sets of “GEEK” bookends from Etsy seller Knob Creek Metal Arts. They are perfect for keeping your software engineering books together!

Rachel Bayless

Day 7 of #17DaysofGiveaways - Software Engineering Week

By Rachel BaylessJul 17, 2012

Java Application Architecture: Modularity Patterns with Examples Using OSGi by Kirk Knoernschild is today’s eBook giveaway. Knoernschild brings a one-of-a-kind perspective to Java application architecture, focusing on the way modularity will change the development of Java applications.
Rachel Bayless

Day 4 of #17DaysofGiveaways - Web Development Week

By Rachel BaylessJul 12, 2012

It’s Day 4 of InformIT’s 17 Days of Giveaways. Visit yesterday’s blog for a recap of the first three day’s prizes. Today’s prize is an eBook copy of Programming in CoffeeScript by Mark Bates. Bates begins with the basics, delivers tips and techniques throughout, and finishes off with the practical applications of CoffeeScript. He teaches you how to use the robust toolset to create code, free of the bugs of JavaScript. Comment on this post for your chance to win your own copy.

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