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The Comcast Paranioa

By  Apr 16, 2008

Topics: Information Technology, Security

I happen to host a few websites for friends/family members on a server I maintain. This server is VERY limited as to what these members can do. No relaying, no shell access, no web applications - just plain old web server services. Yet, every few days Comcast decides to block all incoming emails originating from my server...and every few days I go through the process to get unblocked. Is it me, or has Comcast really become a poorly managed provider?

Now, if it was just email I might just consider it a weak spot in an otherwise good provider. However, Comcast has proven themselves to be draconian and a service providing dictator over the last few months. So, I am thinking Comcast is showing a pattern of denying the services users expect, request, and require...which means they won't ever be my provider.

Unfortunately, my entire home town of Lancaster, PA was just assaulted by Comcast, as is pretty much ever Comcast internet subscriber. I guess it isn't just me and the countless other independent hosting providers out there...Comcast appears to be under the impression EVERYONE is against them.

The point is that security by proactive paranoia is an effective preventative measure to stop would be attacks and abuse - not because Comcast is scaring off the hackers and downloaders, but more because Comcast's malicious behavior will scare off all their customers. As they say, the only secure system is one with no connections. If Comcast keeps this up, they will soon be in this very condition...

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