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JavaOne Report

By  May 6, 2008

Topics: Programming, Java

Rolling into JavaOne 2008.

Rolling into JavaOne, to get my annual fix of Java and related technologies. Monday was the free Java Community One Event. New this year - a wide variety of sessions for all. Some things that got my attention:

  • NetBeans V6 up and available - faster load time and new features. Looks like they are striving to make NetBeans an editor for all seasons, basing their development on GSF services that allow them to create editors for a variety of languages. The beta PHP download got my attention since I am fast becoming a fan of PHP5 with its excellent XML support.
  • Scala - get the best of Java and .NET
    • Scala is a statically typed, oo language that blends imperative and functional programming styles. The compiler generates Java class files that can be run on the JVM. However, another Scala compiler generates binaries that can be run on the .NET CLR, as Scala is designed to integrate with both the Java and .NET worlds. Read more at http://www.artima.com/scalazine/articles/steps.html
  • Stellarium for Java - saw a REALLY cool demo - pick a place on the earth and you get to see the stars that are above you in the sky - day and night, with annotations on the celestial objects. Check it out at: http://stellarium4java.sourceforge.net/

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