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Video: Introduction to Information Security: Understand Vulnerabilty Assessments and Pentesting
By Scott Aurnou
Apr 17, 2015
Vulnerability and pentesting are both effective ways to check the status of your organization's security posture. In this excerpt from Introduction to Information Security LiveLessons (Video Training), Scott Aurnou discusses the three basic steps of vulnerability assessments and the proper use of penetration testing.
Video: Introduction to Information Security: Institute Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
By Scott Aurnou
Apr 3, 2015
Your business just had an information security incident--now what do you do? In this video excerpt from Introduction to Information Security LiveLessons (Video Training), Scott Aurnou discusses the difference between business continuity and disaster recovery plans, how to create them, and when to implement them.
Preface to Security in Computing, 5th Edition
By Charles P. Pfleeger, Jonathan Margulies, Shari Lawrence Pfleeger
Mar 11, 2015
The authors of Security in Computing, 5th Edition discuss the changes they have made to their well-regarded book in the fifth edition.
Phishing: Why Are We (Still) Getting Caught?
By Randy Nash
Feb 9, 2015
Information security expert Randy Nash discusses the history and techniques involved in phishing attacks, looking at some possible reasons why we're still getting caught by obvious phishing attempts.
Introduction to Security in Computing, 5th Edition
By Charles P. Pfleeger, Jonathan Margulies, Shari Lawrence Pfleeger
Jan 30, 2015
The authors of Security in Computing, 5th Edition introduce their book, which is about the security of computers, their data, and the devices and objects to which they relate. In this book you will learn some of the ways computers can fail, or be made to fail, and how to protect against those failures.
Information Security Principles of Success
By Jim Breithaupt, Mark S. Merkow
Jul 4, 2014
This chapter introduces these key information security principles and concepts, showing how the best security specialists combine their practical knowledge of computers and networks with general theories about security, technology, and human nature.
Security Program and Policies: Governance and Risk Management
By Sari Greene
Apr 16, 2014
This chapter explains how to manage information security policies, describes roles and responsibilities related to information security, identifies the components of risk management, and shows how to create polices related to information security policy, governance, and risk management.
Network Defense and Countermeasures: Assessing System Security
By William (Chuck) Easttom
Dec 16, 2013
Before you can begin administering system security, you must have a realistic assessment of the system’s current state of security. This chapter discusses the essential steps that you should follow in assessing a system’s security level.
Secure Your Embedded Systems Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Oct 24, 2013
John Traenkenschuh explores the somewhat hidden world of embedded computing and its emerging security issues.
The Anatomy of a Digital Investigation
By Michael W. Graves
Oct 8, 2013
Michael W. Graves discusses the details of a digital investigation, including understanding the scope of the investigation, identifying the stakeholders, and understanding documentation,
Secure Your Android Kindle or Nook Tablet Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Oct 3, 2013
Tablet security is becoming increasingly important. Are you ready? John Traenkenschuh demonstrates how to secure your Nook HD+ or Kindle Fire HD tablet, using a mix of security tools and settings.
Cisco ASA Access Lists Concepts and Configuration
By Sean Wilkins
Jun 27, 2013
Sean Wilkins review Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) implementation of access control lists (ACL or access list). He also covers ASA access list types, what they control, and a basic review of what the configuration syntax is to use them.
Cisco ASA Basic Internet Protocol Inspection
By Sean Wilkins
Jun 27, 2013
In this article, Sean Wilkins covers some of the common Internet protocol inspection features that can be enabled (or are enabled by default) on the Cisco ASA.
Authentication and Authorization Policies: Using Cisco Identity Services Engine in a BYOD World
By Jamey Heary, Aaron Woland
Jun 25, 2013
This chapter examines the relationship between authentication and authorization and how to build policies for each, describing a few common Authentication Policies and Authorization Policies to help you see how to work with these policy constructs.
Cisco NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Unified Fabric
By Ron Fuller, David Jansen, Matthew McPherson
Apr 26, 2013
This chapter shows the basic Nexus 5x00 and Nexus 7000 configurations necessary to provide a Unified access method for LAN data traffic and SAN storage traffic.
Securing Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) with Cisco TrustSec (CTS)
By Ron Fuller
Apr 25, 2013
Ron Fuller shows just how easy it is to take advantage of MACSEC and AES-128 bit encryption on your Cisco Nexus 7000 series switches.
Secure By Design? Techniques and Frameworks You Need to Know for Secure Application Development
By Randy Nash
Dec 19, 2012
What do you know about developing secure robust software? Randy Nash discusses several available techniques and frameworks for secure application development.
Creating Your Own VPN
By Eric Geier
Oct 23, 2012
Security expert Eric Geier shows you how to set up a VPN to securely access your PC or network when you’re away, and to secure your Internet connection when using Wi-Fi hotspots.
Recovering and Securing Network and Internet Passwords
By Eric Geier
Oct 8, 2012
Security expert Eric Geier shows you how to find or capture your network, browser, and email passwords, which is useful if you’ve forgotten them. Plus, he explores password vulnerabilities and teaches you how to protect against them.
Securing Wireless Networks for CompTIA Network+
By Anthony Sequeira
May 16, 2012
This important article walks the reader through key security mechanisms that should be considered for any wireless network environment.

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