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A Contemporary Framework for Agile Product Management in the Enterprise
By Dean Leffingwell
Aug 27, 2009
Dean Leffingwell discusses the changing role of product management in the enterprise during the transition to Agile development methods.
A Human Being Is Not Equivalent to a Tool: Working with the Dynamic Systems Development Method
By Arie van Bennekum
Mar 22, 2002
Working with the DSDM philosophy means adopting an attitude of collaboration, cooperation and commitment from everyone involved. This includes end-users, management and technology professionals. The benefits go beyond a good piece of software.
A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum: Distributed Daily Scrum Meetings
By Elizabeth Woodward, Matthew Ganis, Steffan Surdek
Jul 27, 2010
This chapter talks about how to answer the three Daily Scrum questions and provides some tested techniques for conducting effective Daily Scrum meetings with distributed teams.
Adopting Agile Practices
By Amr Elssamadisy
Aug 4, 2008
Which Agile practices should you consider adopting?
Advantages of User Stories for Requirements
By Mike Cohn
Oct 8, 2004
At the surface, user stories appear to have much in common with use cases and traditional requirements statements. However, there are many subtle differences among them and many advantages to user stories, especially for agile development projects.
Agile Adoption Cheat Sheet
By Amr Elssamadisy
Aug 8, 2008
Thinking of moving to Agile? Use this cheat sheet as a guide.
Agile Breakthrough Techniques to Keep You from "Waterfalling Backward": Whole Teams
By Leslie Ekas, Scott Will
Nov 15, 2013
This chapter describes why whole teams experience better communication, productivity, and collective knowledge sharing than traditional silo’d teams. It makes a case for keeping teams intact as well as protecting them from interruption during a product release.
Agile Career Development: Enabling Career Advancement
By Mary Ann Bopp, Diana A. Bing, Sheila Forte-Trammell
Aug 26, 2009
This chapter covered the importance of focusing on career development as an enabler of employee satisfaction and how development of a common career framework and supporting career development process can facilitate employee growth and progression in achieving career goals.
Agile Development: Weed or Wildflower?
By Steve Ornburn, David Kane
Aug 30, 2002
Despite outward appearances, agile development doesn't mean a return to the days of the cowboy programmer. Learn how agile methods can be implemented in a manner that satisfies the CMM-SW or the CMMI.
Agile Documentation: Specification by Example
By Jeff Langr
Aug 26, 2009
The Agile outlook has really brought your development team together, but documentation tends to fall by the wayside. Is there a way to 'get it on paper' without dramatically increasing your expenses? Jeff Langr suggests a possibility: automated tests that act as documentation.
Agile Game Development with Scrum: Design
By Clinton Keith
May 26, 2010
Clinton Keith shows how designers can embrace the benefit of emergent design. No designer has a crystal ball about any mechanic. Instead, they need to ensure that their vision is communicated and open to all potential ideas.
Agile Management for Software Engineering: Dealing with Uncertainty
By David J. Anderson
Jan 30, 2004
There are five main constraints in software development management — people, time, functionality, budget, and resources — which all must be protected from uncertainty. Uncertainty manifests itself when the unplanned happens. David J. Anderson explains how a system can absorb uncertainty with the provision of buffers, and how and when these buffers should be used.
Agile MDA
By Stephen J. Mellor
Jul 23, 2004
Agile MDA combines two seemingly contradictory ideas: Agility and Modeling. As we shall see, these notions do not, in fact, conflict--so long as models can be executed.
Agile Methods Need Agile Developers
By Andrew Hunt, David Thomas
Mar 15, 2002
With all the fuss about Agile methods, it's easy to forget about us programmers! Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas look at what it takes to be a successful Agile developer.
Agile Modeling
By Stewart Baird
Jan 3, 2003
Modeling and design skills still have a part to play in the XP world. The difference is that tools and models become simpler and more dynamic. Learn how to use your modeling skills in an Agile way.
Agile Processes - Emergence of Essential Systems
By Ken Schwaber
Nov 9, 2001
This article discusses the role of emergence in agile processes (also known as lightweight processes), with Scrum used as the model agile process.
Agile Processes and Self-Organization
By Ken Schwaber
Nov 9, 2001
This article discusses the use of self-organizing teams in agile processes (lightweight processes). Scrum is used as the model agile process.
Agile Product Management with Scrum: Common Product Owner Traps and Pitfalls
By Roman Pichler
Mar 18, 2010
Product owners are in charge of the product and lead the development effort in creating successful products with Scrum. But this new multi-faceted role can be challenging to apply. For many organizations, the path to effective product ownership is littered with traps and pitfalls. Roman Pichler helps you recognize and avoid some of the most common traps.
Agile Product Management with Scrum: Understanding the Product Owner Role
By Roman Pichler
Mar 24, 2010
A new product is launched with great expectations—and bombs. What went wrong? There was no single person responsible for leading the effort to create a winning product—a product owner. This chapter explores the role of the product owner. It explains the role's authority and responsibility as well as how the role should be applied.
Agile Product Responsibility in the Enterprise, Part 1: Owning the Vision
By Dean Leffingwell
Jan 12, 2010
Dean Leffingwell discusses the importance of the product owner's commitment to the vision and release backlog in the Agile enterprise.

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