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Data Theft: How Big a Problem?
By Michael Miller
Jun 30, 2008
Michael Miller discusses how data theft happens, where the data goes, and to what extent it is a problem.
Should We Ban Internet Anonymity?
By Harry Lewis, Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen
Jun 16, 2008
Should anonymous attackers can lawfully malign the innocent and helpless?
The Blown to Bits Interview: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion
By Ken Ledeen, Jacob Hale Russell, Hal Abelson, Harry Lewis
Jun 13, 2008
Blown to Bits authors Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen, and Harry Lewis talk about privacy and information availability in the digital age.
Lottery and Contest Scams
By Steve Weisman
Jun 4, 2008
Everyone loves to win a prize. As a result, phony prize scams are rampant. Steve Weisman shows you some of the common ones and how to avoid them.
Data Loss and Full Disk Encryption
By Randy Nash
May 30, 2008
Randy Nash discusses the patterns of data loss, security policy, full disk vs. folder encryption, and vulnerabilities related to volatile memory.
Finding You: How Should Geolocation Be Used?
By Harry Lewis, Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen
May 30, 2008
With Geolocation, what is possible depends on who has what data, and how well they use it to connect the dots. What is right is harder to say.
Everyday Eavesdropping: How Pervasive Is Digital Big Brother?
By Harry Lewis, Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen
May 29, 2008
Digital eavesdropping will either become far more pervasive or will be reined in to protect civil liberties. Which do we want?
Turning the OLPC Into a Hacker’s Toolkit - Give One, Get Owned, Part 2
By Seth Fogie
May 26, 2008
Seth Fogie steers beyond mere enhancements and shows how to turn the OLPC XO into a hacker’s toolkit.
Turning the OLPC Into a Hacker’s Toolkit - Give One, Get Owned, Part 1
By Seth Fogie
May 19, 2008
Seth Fogie takes an exploratory look at the XO to see what’s inside and provides a few pointers for preparing it for "enhancement."
Software [In]security: Securing Web 3.0
By Gary McGraw
May 15, 2008
Gary McGraw warns that we haven't yet solved (or even considered) some of the serious security issues involved with Web 3.0.
Failures of Information Security: Observing the World and Asking Why
By Adam Shostack, Andrew Stewart
Apr 28, 2008
Andrew Stewart and Adam Shostack delve into some of the most apparent failures of information security.
Cybercrime and Politics: The Dangers of the Internet in Elections
By Markus Jakobsson, Zulfikar Ramzan
Apr 23, 2008
This chapter focuses on the 2008 presidential election to demonstrate the risks involved in using the Internet in campaigning.
Software [In]security: Paying for Secure Software
By Gary McGraw
Apr 7, 2008
Gary McGraw kicks off his new monthly column by showing how the added costs of developing secure software can be more than offset by lower TCO down the road.
Crime, War, and B.S. in the Electronic Universe
By Michael Kemp
Mar 21, 2008
Michael Kemp warns of a more insidious threat than actual information attacks: pandering to the fear of these attacks.
The Motives of Internet Criminals: Why They Want Our Money
By Anthony Nesavich, William H. Inmon
Feb 29, 2008
Understand why — and how — internet criminals work their trade.
Transparency in Ajax Applications
By Billy Hoffman, Bryan Sullivan
Feb 15, 2008
Billy Hoffman and Bryan Sullivan explain why it's in your best interest to keep as much business logic as possible on the server.
Understanding Windows CardSpace: Hints Toward a Solution
By Caleb Baker, Vittorio Bertocci, Garrett Serack
Feb 15, 2008
Empower Windows users to be first-class citizens of the Identity Metasystem.
Scanning Tools: How Many Do We Really Need?
By Randy Nash
Feb 8, 2008
Randy Nash shares his opinion on the need for scanning tools.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: The Story of Scams
By Steve Weisman
Feb 1, 2008
Steven Weisman discusses how even smart well-informed people can sometimes get caught in scams.
Visualization: How to Present Security Data to Get Your Point Across
By Andrew Jaquith
Dec 21, 2007
Learn how to present security data in a style that truly gets your point across.

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