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Clickjacking: What You Need to Know
By pdp
Jan 5, 2009
pdp explains how clickjacking attacks can hijack your mouse clicks in an attempt to trick you into giving away control of your privacy, your computer system, and possibly even your bank account.
Setting Up Web Filtering for a Network Using OpenDNS (Part 3)
By Eric Geier
Dec 26, 2008
Eric Geier shows you how to manage multiple networks with one account using OpenDNS.
Botnets II: Emerging Threats, Tactics, and Defenses
By Carolyn Meinel
Dec 19, 2008
Carolyn Meinel describes some of the more promising efforts to combat threats from botnets.
Setting Up Web Filtering for a Network Using OpenDNS (Part 2)
By Eric Geier
Dec 19, 2008
Eric Geier continues his guide on using OpenDNS, a free Domain Name System (DNS) service that helps provide a safer, faster, smarter, and more reliable Internet.
Software [In]security: Software Security Top 10 Surprises
By Gary McGraw, Brian Chess, Sammy Migues
Dec 15, 2008
In the course of analyzing real-world data from top software security firms, Gary McGraw, Brian Chess, and Sammy Migues unearthed some surprises.
Setting Up Web Filtering for a Network Using OpenDNS (Part 1)
By Eric Geier
Dec 12, 2008
Eric Geier helps you configure your router and the OpenDNS service so you’ll experience a safer, faster, smarter, and more reliable Internet.
Botnets, Part 1: Why They Strike and How to Defend Against Them
By Carolyn Meinel
Dec 5, 2008
Carolyn Meinel describes the threats posed by increasingly sophisticated botnets and dives into some of the latest technology designed to stop them.
Installing and Configuring TrueCrypt for Full Disk Encryption
By Randy Nash
Nov 24, 2008
Security expert Randy Nash describes how he deployed a FDE solution using the free, cross-platform, and open-source solution from TrueCrypt.
Software [In]security: Web Applications and Software Security
By Gary McGraw
Nov 14, 2008
Gary McGraw argues that by understanding the relationship between Web application security and traditional software security, we can better understand security issues on both fronts.
Safety First on craigslist
By Jenna Lloyd
Oct 22, 2008
This chapter shows you how to protect yourself when using craigslist.
Software [In]security: A Software Security Framework: Working Towards a Realistic Maturity Model
By Gary McGraw, Brian Chess
Oct 15, 2008
Gary McGraw and Brian Chess introduce a software security framework (SSF) to help understand and plan a software security initiative.
Software [In]security: Getting Past the Bug Parade
By Gary McGraw
Sep 17, 2008
Gary McGraw explains why more attention should be paid to finding software flaws through the use of threat modeling and architectural risk analysis.
Security Analysis of a Scan-to-PC Solution
By Seth Fogie
Sep 12, 2008
Seth Fogie provides a Security Analysis of "Scan-to-PC" solutions and highlights several security issues that need to be addressed before implementation.
Spam: Unwanted Email from Hell
By Andy Walker
Sep 9, 2008
Andy Walker explains what spam is, where it comes from, and what to do about it.
No Time to Patch
By Randy Nash
Sep 5, 2008
Randy Nash discusses the problems of exploits and malicious code and offers some suggestions to reduce the time to patch these vulnerabilities.
Visual Security Analysis
By Raffael Marty
Aug 26, 2008
Raffael Marty shows different ways of analyzing security data using visual approaches.
Attacking and Defending the Internet with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
By Carolyn Meinel
Aug 25, 2008
Carolyn Meinel explains how sysadmins can take advantage of resources offered by several organizations to detect and defeat BGP problems.
Software [In]security: Software Security Demand Rising
By Gary McGraw
Aug 11, 2008
Gary McGraw breaks down the numbers from 2007, showing that software security is making headway in the enterprise even against economic headwinds.
Perception of Security Risk: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
By Randy Nash
Jul 28, 2008
Why do so many security product vendors use it as part of the sales pitch? As Randy Nash explains, because it works.
A Brief History of (Internet) Time: From the Beginnings of Malicious Code to Their Likely Future
By Randy Nash
Jul 21, 2008
Randy Nash looks at the complex relationship between computing power, the growth of the Internet, and the changes in malicious code over time.

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