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Secunia PSI: The Best Software Update Tool You've Never Heard Of
By Ed Tittel
Oct 12, 2011
If you have multiple computers in various configurations, how can you keep all these systems and packages current with security updates? Ed Tittel recommends a handy free program that polices software, watching out for anything that's out of date.
Secure Your Android Kindle or Nook Tablet Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Oct 3, 2013
Tablet security is becoming increasingly important. Are you ready? John Traenkenschuh demonstrates how to secure your Nook HD+ or Kindle Fire HD tablet, using a mix of security tools and settings.
Secure Your Android™ Phone Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Feb 23, 2011
John Traenkenschuh reviews eight simple tools and techniques you can try to secure your service, your information, and more on your Android phone.
Secure Your Embedded Systems Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Oct 24, 2013
John Traenkenschuh explores the somewhat hidden world of embedded computing and its emerging security issues.
Secure Your Facebook Account Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Mar 2, 2011
John Traenkenschuh guides you through several profile changes you can implement to protect your data on Facebook.
Secure Your iPad 2 Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Dec 28, 2011
Is your iPad 2 reasonably secured right out of the box? Maybe not. Security specialist John Traenkenschuh, CISSP-ISSAP, provides sensible, flexible security patterns for the iPad 2.
Secure Your Linux Workstation Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Dec 12, 2011
Security writer John "Tränk" Traenkenschuh, CISSP-ISSAP, explores several easy-to-use security improvements you can make to your Linux workstation, using two very popular distributions as models: Ubuntu 11.10 and Fedora 15.
Secure Your Mac OS X System Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Nov 15, 2011
John Traenkenschuh, gives his ideas on good security for your Mac OS X computer. Easy to configure and immediately useful, these ideas will help you secure your expensive device and very valuable information.
Secure Your Windows 7 System Now!
By John Traenkenschuh
Mar 9, 2011
John Traenkenschuh presents three simple tasks to help you secure your Windows 7 system: create backups, consider optional security software, and control the interfaces to the system.
Securing Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Sessions
By Eric Geier
Mar 30, 2010
Eric Geier shares tips to keep your email, documents, and computer safe while using Wi-Fi hotspots.
Security Analysis of a Scan-to-PC Solution
By Seth Fogie
Sep 12, 2008
Seth Fogie provides a Security Analysis of "Scan-to-PC" solutions and highlights several security issues that need to be addressed before implementation.
Security Blanket or Security Theater?
By Charles P. Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence Pfleeger
Oct 13, 2011
This chapter explains how to better identify true threats from accidents and measure your vulnerability to either.
Security Considerations for Remote Electronic Voting over the Internet
By Aviel D. Rubin
Jun 22, 2001
Many U.S. citizens think electronic voting will solve our tabulation trials. But can we guarantee an accurate result?
Security Considerations for Website Developers
By A. Lizard
Aug 20, 2004
With so many web hosts to choose from, how do you find one that stands up to your security needs? Get the lowdown on how to find a reputable site with the right operating system and user permissions, and learn how SSL and CA certificate security should factor into your decision.
Security Is a UI Problem
By David Chisnall
Jul 28, 2006
Balancing usability and security isn't an easy task, as evidenced by the number of systems with "security features" that are easy for users to turn off. David Chisnall discusses the issues on both sides of the fence.
Security Through Penetration Testing: Internet Penetration
By Ajay Gupta, Thomas Klavinsky, Scott Laliberte
Mar 15, 2002
The overall methodology for penetration testing includes discovering as much as possible about the target, identifying all potential avenues of attack, and attempting to compromise the network by leveraging the results of the vulnerability analysis and following as many avenues identified as time allows.
Security Through Penetration Testing: Wrap Up
By Ajay Gupta, Thomas Klavinsky, Scott Laliberte
Mar 22, 2002
This sample chapter describes some ways to keep current on the latest tools and techniques in security.
Security's "Top 10"
By Ed Tittel
Nov 16, 2001
Want your systems and networks to be safe and secure? Ed Tittel explains how to stay on top of the constantly changing security landscape.
See What Your Attacker Sees with Scanning Tools
By Eric Cole, John M. Millican, Matthew Newfield
Apr 5, 2002
Defend against attacks by examining your systems from the viewpoint of the attacker. You can use the same tools to protect your systems that attackers use to break in to your systems. Learn how here.
Setting Up Web Filtering for a Network Using OpenDNS (Part 1)
By Eric Geier
Dec 12, 2008
Eric Geier helps you configure your router and the OpenDNS service so you’ll experience a safer, faster, smarter, and more reliable Internet.

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