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Locking Down a Shared or Public PC with SteadyState
By Eric Geier
Aug 28, 2009
Eric Geier helps you discover how the free Microsoft SteadyState utility can help secure and manage a multiuser PC.
Lottery and Contest Scams
By Steve Weisman
Jun 4, 2008
Everyone loves to win a prize. As a result, phony prize scams are rampant. Steve Weisman shows you some of the common ones and how to avoid them.
Managing Your Computer and Internet Passwords
By Michael Miller
Aug 27, 2013
Michael Miller shows you how to create more secure passwords - and how to remember and manage them all.
Musings on Personal (and SOHO) Firewalls
By Ed Tittel
Nov 2, 2001
Want to keep your cable modem or DSL connection safe and secure? Ed Tittel gives you the low-down.
Night of the Living Wi-Fi's (A Security Parable for Our Times)
By Ed Skoudis
Apr 5, 2002
Ed Skoudis' true-to-life scenario sends chills up the spine of any business with employees using unsecured wireless access.
No Time to Patch
By Randy Nash
Sep 5, 2008
Randy Nash discusses the problems of exploits and malicious code and offers some suggestions to reduce the time to patch these vulnerabilities.
Online Security: A Quest to Be One Step Ahead of the Bad Guys
By Linda Leung, Jamey Heary
May 29, 2009
Linda Leung interviews security expert Jamey Heary about network security and the world of "white hats" versus "black hats."
Pandemic Outbreak and the Impact of Quarantine on Business Operations
By Randy Nash
Dec 7, 2007
Randy Nash looks at the historical impact of pandemic outbreaks, the preparation and planning that has taken place, and the potential impact that could be expected.
Passwords: So Important, Yet So Misused
By John Traenkenschuh
May 1, 2009
Microsoft MVP and CISSP-ISSAP John Traenkenschuh illustrates basic password best practices.
Perception of Security Risk: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
By Randy Nash
Jul 28, 2008
Why do so many security product vendors use it as part of the sales pitch? As Randy Nash explains, because it works.
PKI: Broken, But Fixable
By David Chisnall
Nov 30, 2011
The public key infrastructure (PKI) used for securing the Web has recently been found to be much less secure than was previously thought. David Chisnall discusses some of the flaws in the design and some potential solutions.
Preparing for a FISMA Security Audit
By Randy Nash
Nov 16, 2007
How do you prepare for an audit, and what do you do when the findings are issued? Randy Nash examines how to survive the audit gauntlet.
Prevent Wi-Fi Eavesdroppers from Hijacking Your Accounts
By Eric Geier
Sep 20, 2011
Eric Geier shows you how to protect your privacy when logging on to online accounts that don't always use secure connections, like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Amazon.
Privacy Organizations and Initiatives
By Gary Bahadur, William Chan, Chris Weber
Apr 12, 2002
Find out how some organizations are fighting to protect your right to privacy, even as technology becomes steadily more invasive.
Protecting Web Sites by Guarding the Exits
By Aviel D. Rubin
Jun 22, 2001
Security expert Avi Rubin suggests we protect web servers the way some department stores protect against shoplifters: Watch the exits.
Protecting Your Network from the Wi-Fi Protected Setup Security Hole
By Eric Geier
Mar 12, 2012
Even if you’ve encrypted and secured your wireless network with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA or WPA2), a security hole affecting most wireless routers may make it fairly easy for those with the right tools to hack your network and connect. Eric Geier shows how to prevent this and protect your network.
Recovering and Securing Network and Internet Passwords
By Eric Geier
Oct 8, 2012
Security expert Eric Geier shows you how to find or capture your network, browser, and email passwords, which is useful if you’ve forgotten them. Plus, he explores password vulnerabilities and teaches you how to protect against them.
Safety First on craigslist
By Jenna Lloyd
Oct 22, 2008
This chapter shows you how to protect yourself when using craigslist.
Scanning Tools: How Many Do We Really Need?
By Randy Nash
Feb 8, 2008
Randy Nash shares his opinion on the need for scanning tools.
Score List Hacking: Lessons Learned by Cheating Your Way to Number One, Part 2 of 2
By Seth Fogie
Aug 5, 2005
It's bad enough that a score list hacker can thwart genuine users in their attempts to beat your game's high scores. Even worse, the hacker can create havoc on your computer, hijack it for his own personal use, or something even more nefarious. Seth Fogie concludes this series with a pointed discussion of the hazards of leaving your game unprotected and ways to prevent score list hacking. If you've never seen a covert score list chat channel, this is worth a read!

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