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Effective Perl Programming: Files and Filehandles
The authors of Effective Perl Programming offer tips for working with files and filehandles.
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By Joseph N. Hall, brian d foy, Joshua A. McAdamsApr 28, 2010
brian d foyProcess HTML with a Perl Module
brian d foy shows you how to use HTML::TreeBuilder so you end up using a natural, easy-to-follow interface that your maintenance programmers can understand. Now that's effective Perl.
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By brian d foyApr 14, 2010
Peter J. ScottPerl Fundamentals: Subroutines
This video excerpt is from lesson 5 of Perl Fundamentals.
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By Peter J. ScottJun 15, 2009
Regular Expressions in Perl—Pattern Matching
Learn what they are and how to use them.
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By Ellie QuigleyMay 15, 2008

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Eric Garulay30 Great Programming & Development Video Courses from Pearson’s LiveLessons Series

Video tutorials have become an essential resource for coders of all types and skill levels. Whether you build applications, systems, games, or websites, learning the latest technologies at your own pace with hands-on instruction from leading experts is an effective training solution for novices, specialists, polyglots, and everyone in-between.  Pearson’s LiveLessons series contains a growing collection of hundreds of video courses for IT professionals covering the full-range of programming and development topics. 

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By Eric GarulayCommentsNovember 1, 2013
Topics: Python,Software Development & Management,Programming,ASP.NET,Java,Python,C#,Ruby/Ruby on Rails,Perl,Agile,C/C++,Web Development,Mac and iOS Programming,Perl,HTML5/CSS/Blend,HTML/CSS

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