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Upgrading and Repairing Laptops

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Upgrading and Repairing Laptops

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  • NEW - The first complete guide to repairing notebooks and laptops: demystifies portable computing technology as never before.
    • Helps students understand whats going on “under the hood” in the notebook systems that now represent nearly half of all PCs sold.

  • CD-ROM video tour of the insides of a notebook PC—Includes a complete narrated tour of the components of a typical contemporary notebook computer.
    • Helps students become comfortable working inside a notebook PC before they even lift a screwdriver.

  • Step-by-step coverage of disassembly/reassembly—Gives students thorough, practical guidance for safely working inside notebook PCs.
    • Helps students dramatically reduce the risk that they will damage the notebook computers they are working on, or injure themselves.

  • Advanced notebook technologies—Includes up-to-the-minute coverage of todays most advanced technologies for notebook computers.
    • Prepares students to work with even todays most sophisticated notebook computers.

  • Extensive troubleshooting coverage—Contains troubleshooting guide identifying solutions for most common notebook/laptop computer problems.
    • Helps students rapidly solve the problems they are most likely to encounter.

  • Thorough coverage of every component—Covers notebook processors, motherboards, memory, power, hard disks, removable storage, expansion buses, graphics and sound, communications, keyboards and pointers, and more.
    • Prepares students for whatever challenges they are likely to encounter, while providing a firm foundation in the key concepts and techniques they will constantly rely upon.

  • By Scott Mueller, the fields leading expert—Authored by an expert who has helped millions of students and professionals master PC repair in books, videos, seminars, and live training sessions.
    • Gives students confidence that they are receiving information that is thorough, accurate, clear, and useful—and reflects the challenges they will actually face.


  • Copyright 2004
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2800-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2800-5

Beyond cutting edge, Scott Mueller goes where no computer book author has gone before--right past all the warranty stickers, the hidden screws, and the fear factor to produce a real owner's manual that every laptop owner should have on his desk. This book shows the upgrades users can perform, the ones that are better left to the manufacturer, and how to use add-on peripherals to make the most of a laptop. The CD contains one-of-a-kind video showing just what's inside a portable PC. For readers who have ever wondered what goes on inside their portable PC, how to upgrade/repair the portable PC or how to live on the road with it, this is the one must-have book of the year!


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System Maintenance and Assembly of your Laptop

Table of Contents


 1. Portable Systems Background.

 2. Portable PC Overview: Types and Features.

 3. System Maintenance and Assembly.

 4. Processors.

 5. Motherboards.

 6. Memory.

 7. Power.

 8. Expansion Buses.

 9. Hard Disk Storage.

10. Removable Storage.

11. Graphics and Sound.

12. Communications.

13. Keyboards and Pointing Devices.

14. Portable System Accessories.

15. Software/Operating Systems.

16. Problem Solving and Troubleshooting.

17. Portable Resource Guide.

A. List of Acronyms.

B. Glossary.

C. Key Vendor Contacts.


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