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Scrum Shortcuts without Cutting Corners: Agile Tactics, Tools, & Tips

Scrum Shortcuts without Cutting Corners: Agile Tactics, Tools, & Tips

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-300524-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-300524-0

Practical, Step-by-Step Scrum Techniques for Improving Processes, Actions, and Outcomes

The widespread adoption and success of Scrum can be attributed in large part to its perceived intuitiveness and simplicity. But when new Scrum practitioners attempt to apply Scrum theory and high-level approaches in actual projects, they often find it surprisingly difficult. In Scrum Shortcuts without Cutting Corners, Scrum expert Ilan Goldstein helps you translate the Scrum framework into reality to meet the Scrum challenges your formal training never warned you about.

Drawing on his extensive agile experience in a wide range of projects and environments, Goldstein presents thirty proven, flexible shortcuts for optimizing Scrum processes, actions, and outcomes. Each shortcut walks you through applying a Scrum approach to achieve a tangible output. These easy-to-digest, actionable patterns address a broad range of topics including getting started, quality and metrics, team members and roles, managing stakeholders, estimation, continuous improvement and much more.

Whatever your role, Scrum Shortcuts without Cutting Corners will help you take your Scrum skills to the next level and achieve better results in any project you participate in.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Foreword         xvii

Preface         xix

Acknowledgments         xxiii

About the Author         xxv

Chapter 1: Scrum Startup         1

Shortcut 1: Scrum on the Pitch  1

Shortcut 2: Fragile Agile  5

Shortcut 3: Creative Comfort  11

Wrap Up  15

Chapter 2: Attitudes and Abilities          17

Shortcut 4: Masterful ScrumMaster  17

Shortcut 5: Rock Stars or Studio Musicians?  21

Shortcut 6: Picking Your Team Line-Up  25

Wrap Up   31

Chapter 3: Planning and Protecting         33

Shortcut 7: Setting the Scrum Stage  33

Shortcut 8: Plan the Sprint, Sprint the Plan  37

Shortcut 9: Incriminating Impediments  42

Wrap Up  45

Chapter 4: Requirement Refinement          47

Shortcut 10: Structuring Stories  47

Shortcut 11: Developing the Definition of Done  51

Shortcut 12: Progressive Revelations  57

Wrap Up  61

Chapter 5: Establishing Estimates         63

Shortcut 13: Relating to Estimating  63

Shortcut 14: Planning Poker at Pace  69

Shortcut 15: Transitioning Relatively  75

Wrap Up  81

Chapter 6: Questioning Quality          83

Shortcut 16: Bah! Scrum Bug!  83

Shortcut 17: We Still Love the Testers!  87

Shortcut 18: Automation Nation   91

Wrap Up   98

Chapter 7: Monitoring and Metrics         99

Shortcut 19: Metrics That Matter  99

Shortcut 20: Outstanding Stand-Ups  107

Shortcut 21: Taming the Task Board 111

Wrap Up 115

Chapter 8: Retros, Reviews, and Risks          117

Shortcut 22: To-Dos for Your Sprint Reviews  117

Shortcut 23: Retrospective Irrespective   122

Shortcut 24: Risk Takers and Mistake Makers   129

Wrap Up   133

Chapter 9 Managing the Managers         135

Shortcut 25: Perception Is Reality   135

Shortcut 26: Our Lords and Masters   140

Shortcut 27: Morphing Managers in the Matrix   145

Wrap Up 152

Chapter 10: Larger Lessons         153

Shortcut 28: Scrum Rollout Reckoning   153

Shortcut 29: Eyes on the Prize   158

Shortcut 30: Shortcut to the Final Level   162

Final Wrap Up   165

References   167

Index   171


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