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Foundations of Green IT: Consolidation, Virtualization, Efficiency, and ROI in the Data Center

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Foundations of Green IT: Consolidation, Virtualization, Efficiency, and ROI in the Data Center

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-263952-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-263952-1

“This book comprehensively discusses design considerations for the truly energy efficient data center.”

Scott Davis, Chief Data Center Architect, Office of the CTO, VMware, Inc.

This Book Isn’t About “Evangelizing” Green It:

It’s About Getting Down in the Trenches and Making It Work

In Foundations of Green IT, a team of leading Green IT consultants presents the detailed technical information data center professionals need to systematically identify the right improvements, implement them, maximize savings, and accurately calculate business value.

Marty Poniatowski and his team present comprehensive case studies reflecting their unsurpassed Green IT experience, complete with detailed implementation diagrams and performance information. You’ll find independent, detailed coverage of solutions from HP, VMware, EMC, Cisco, and other leading vendors, with optimized sample designs and realistic ROI projections. Whether you’re a CIO or IT director, architect or administrator, if you want to improve IT efficiency, this is your definitive resource.

Three comprehensive, start-to-finish case studies¿

Analyze current environments, set goals, define implementation plans, and calculate ROI for:¿

• Server and desktop consolidation and virtualization

• Data center backup/recovery/archiving, including replication

• Networking, including VoIP background

Plus practical coverage of these Green IT topics:¿

• Designing data centers for greater efficiency and lower power usage

• Leveraging cloud computing

• Consolidating Microsoft SQL Server instances

• Reducing PC-related power usage and waste

About CDI, the company behind this book:¿

This book was written collaboratively by many CDI technical experts, led by Marty Poniatowski. CDI is an infrastructure services firm with practices focusing on virtualization, storage, networking, data center design, and other ”green” services. It has clients in all industries, notably financial services, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Foreword     xiii

Preface     xv

What This Book Covers     xvii

About the Author     xxi

Acknowledgments     xxii


Chapter 1    The Existing Server Environment: "The Old Way"     3

Virtualization Considerations     3

Non-Virtualized Server Example     4

Power and Cooling     6

    HP Power and Cooling Calculator     8

    Power and Cooling Estimate for Existing Servers     11

    Explanation of Some Power and Cooling Factors     12

    Virtualization Background     13

Summary     17

Chapter 2    Existing Server Environment Analysis with Capacity Planner     19

Snapshot of Servers     20

Recommended Target Platform     22

Summary of Existing Servers     22

Processor Utilization Report     28

Detailed System Server Report     29

Summary     30

Chapter 3    The Virtualized Server Environment     31

The New Server Environment     31

Assumptions     38

Blades Background     39

Performance Analysis After Virtualization     44

Summary     46

Chapter 4    Server ROI Analysis     49

TCO for Existing and New Virtualized Environments     50

Summary     55

Chapter 5    Virtual Server Implementation Plan     57

Blade Startup Implementation     58

Shared Storage Startup Implementation     59

VMware Startup Implementation     60

Data Replication Startup Implementation     62

VMware Site Recovery Manager Startup Implementation     63

Virtual Desktop With VMware View Startup Implementation     64

Summary     64

Chapter 6    Desktop Virtualization     65

Desktop Virtualization Benefits Users and IT     66

Benefits of Desktop Virtualization     67

VMware View Components     68

Desktop Management     70

Desktop Virtualization Storage     72

Desktop Application Encapsulation     74

Desktop Access     75

Virtual Printing     75

Check In and Check Out of the Virtual Desktop     76

Desktop Virtualization TCO and ROI     78

Dedicated Workstation Blades     79

Benefits and Components of Workstation Blades     81

Summary     83


Chapter 7    The Existing Backup and Recovery Environment     87

Existing Backup and Recovery Solution     87

Data De-Duplication     91

Archive     92

General Backup Considerations     94

    Media     94

    Full Versus Incremental Backup     94

    Clone Versus Replication of Data     95

    Backup and Recovery Versus Disaster Recovery     95

    Distributed Backup Versus Centralized Backup     96

Summary     97

Chapter 8    Existing Backup and Recovery Analysis with Backup Assessment     99

Snapshot of Backup Servers     100

Backup Client Capacity     103

Backup and Restore Job Summary     104

Recommendations for Improving the Environment     107

Summary     109

Chapter 9    The Enhanced Backup and Recovery Solution     111

New Disk Library Backup and Recovery Environment     112

Alternative New Backup and Recovery Environment     114

Disk Library Operation     117

Virtual Disk Library and Backup Software Implementation     125

Summary     129

Chapter 10   Backup, Recovery, and Archive ROI Analysis     131

TCO Summary for the New Environment     132

Five-Year Benefit Summary     133

Investment Summary     137

Return on Investment (ROI) Summary     137

Summary     140

Chapter 11   Data Replication and Disk Technology Advancements     141

Data Replication Methods     141

    Fabric-Based Replication     142

    Host-Based Replication     144

    Array-Based Replication     145

Disk Technology Advancements     147

    Disk Characteristics     148

    Disk Calculation Method     149

    Flash Disk Technology     150

    Total Cost of Ownership Advantages of Flash Disk     152

    Sample Flash Versus Fibre Channel Disk TCO Analysis     154

Summary     156


Chapter 12   The Existing Network Environment with Enhancements     159

Existing Network Environment Example     159

Upgrades to the Large and Small Existing Closets     161

Overview of Common Network Components     168

Cisco Operating System Overview     171

Cisco EnergyWise Technology     174

Summary     175

Chapter 13   Existing Network Analysis with Discovery     177

Cisco Discovery Prerequisites Overview     178

Discovery Executive Summary     179

Discovery Detailed Reports     185

Software Life Cycle Legend     185

IOS Detailed Report: Software, Hardware, and Security     188

Summary     193

Chapter 14   Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)      195

Telecommunications Overview     195

How Does VoIP Work?      196

How VoIP Is Different from a Traditional Phone System     199

VoIP, Green, and Cost Savings     203

    Audio Conferencing     203

    Video over IP     204

    Data Center Consolidation     205

    Private Networking     208

    Maintenance Support Optimization     209

    Service Contract Optimization     210

What’s Next for VoIP?      210

Summary     211


Chapter 15   SQL Server Consolidation to Achieve Green Results     215

Opportunities     216

Initial Situation     217

Desired Situation     218

Solution Approach     218

Solution Implementation     225

Results     230

Summary     233

Resources     234

Chapter 16   The Green Data Center     237

Traditional Data Center     237

Rack and Air Flow History     240

High Density Racks     245

Green Data Center     248

Unstructured Data Cabling     249

Structured Data Cabling     250

Future of Data Cabling     250

Power Cabling     251

Summary     255

Chapter 17   Cloud Computing     257

Private Cloud Considerations     258

The Public Cloud     259

Sampling of Public Cloud Providers     262

Backup in the Cloud     266

Storage in the Cloud     269

Other Cloud Applications     270

Why Go to the Cloud?      271

Governance in the Cloud     272

Cautionary Note on Data Portability     273

Summary     273

Chapter 18   Simple Power Savings and Other Green Tips     275

Turn Off Your Desktop Computer     276

Some Interesting Facts     277

Some Tips for Saving Energy     277

Activate Desktop Computer Power Management to Save Energy     278

They’re On Even When They’re Off     282

Recycling Electronic Waste     283

Background on Electronic Waste     284

Green Printing     286

Summary     287

Chapter 19   Managed Services: Remote Monitoring     289

Executive Overview     290

Detailed Hardware Inventory     294

Detailed Software Inventory     298

Site Inventory     300

Site Health     303

Windows Server Health     305

Underlying Tool     307

Summary     308

Index     309


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