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Easy Office 2013

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Easy Office 2013

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2013
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-338125-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-338125-2

This year, millions of beginner-to-intermediate-level users will be searching for the easiest possible way to master Office 2013's new features. If you're one of them, Easy Office 2013 will give you exactly what you're looking for.

This full-color, utterly simple, step-by-step tutorial is carefully crafted to provide instant access to the 100+ tasks you'll find most useful and valuable. Like all Easy series books, it teaches visually: you're never forced to work through lengthy text explanations. Its large typeface makes it even more accessible to all readers - especially senior readers whose needs are disregarded by most computer books.

Written by two of the world's most experienced authors of Microsoft Office books for beginners, Easy Office 2013 presents the easiest, fastest, most direct procedures for getting the results you're looking for.

Learn how to…
* Get super productive with Office 2013’s powerful new tools
* Create, edit, and read Office files on the Web and mobile devices
* Craft high-impact documents with powerful visuals
* Prepare and analyze data visually with Excel charts and PivotTables
* Make winning presentations with PowerPoint’s new tools; even add audio and video
* Work with others to review and refine your documents
* Use Outlook to take control of your messages, schedules, and tasks
* Take notes anywhere with OneNote: never forget a great idea again!
* Publish Office content straight to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
* And more

Sample Content

Table of Contents


Chapter 1  Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2013     2
   Using the Ribbon     4
   Exploring Backstage View     6
   Using the Quick Access Toolbar     8
   Using the Mini Toolbar     9
   Using Contextual Tabs     10
   Using Task Panes     11
Chapter 2  Working with Office Applications     12
   Setting Up Your Account     14
   Opening a File     16
   Using the Clipboard to Cut, Copy, and Paste     18
   Saving a File to Your Computer     20
   Saving as a PDF or an XPS Document     22
   Sharing a File     24
   Printing a File     26
   Closing a File     28
   Customizing Office     30
Chapter 3  Working with Text     32
   Using the Font Dialog Box to Format Text     34
   Aligning Text     35
   Finding and Replacing Text     36
   Inserting WordArt     38
   Formatting WordArt     39
   Checking Spelling     40
Chapter 4  Working with Pictures     42
   Inserting a Picture from Your Computer     44
   Inserting an Online Picture from Office.com     46
   Enhancing a Picture     48
   Applying a Picture Style     50
   Applying a Picture Border     51
   Resizing a Picture     52
   Cropping a Picture     53
Chapter 5  Working with Shapes, SmartArt, and Screenshots     54
   Inserting a Shape     56
   Formatting a Shape     58
   Inserting a SmartArt Graphic     60
   Inserting a Screenshot     62
Chapter 6  Using Microsoft Office on the Web and Mobile Devices     64
   Getting Started with SkyDrive     66
   Creating a New Folder     67
   Managing Folders     68
   Uploading Files to SkyDrive     70
   Creating a New File in SkyDrive     72
   Editing a File in SkyDrive     74

Chapter 7  Creating a Document in Microsoft Word     76
   Starting a Blank Document     78
   Starting a New Document     80
   Selecting Text     81
   Creating a Document from a Template     82
   Creating Bullet and Number Lists     84
   Changing Text Color     86
   Applying Styles     87
   Adding Quick Parts     88
   Creating a Table     90
   Creating a Quick Table     91
   Applying a Table Style     92
   Inserting Rows and Columns     93
   Deleting Rows and Columns     94
   Deleting a Table     95
   Merging Table Cells     96
   Splitting Table Cells     97
Chapter 8  Enhancing Word Documents     98
   Inserting a Cover Page     100
   Inserting a Blank Page     101
   Inserting a Page Break     102
   Inserting Page Numbers     103
   Adding Headers and Footers     104
   Editing Headers and Footers     106
   Inserting a Text Box     108
   Inserting a Drop Cap     110
   Inserting a Date     111
   Inserting a Symbol     112
   Inserting a Hyperlink     114
   Inserting a Bookmark     115
Chapter 9  Controlling Page Layout     116
   Changing Page Margins     118
   Modifying Page Orientation     119
   Changing Page Size     120
   Creating Columns     121
   Applying Page Borders     122
   Adding Indents     124
   Changing Line Spacing     126
   Controlling Paragraph Spacing     127
   Setting Tabs     128
   Applying a Theme     130
Chapter 10  Reviewing and Viewing Word Documents     132
   Tracking Changes with Document Reviewers     134
   Adding Comments     136
   Viewing Document Markup     138
   Accepting or Rejecting Changes     139
   Exploring Document Views     140
   Zooming In and Out of Documents     142

Chapter 11  Creating an Excel Workbook     144
   Creating a Workbook from a Template     146
   Creating a Blank Workbook     148
   Navigating the Worksheet Screen     149
   Entering Data     150
   Inserting a New Row     151
   Inserting a New Column     152
   Deleting Rows and Columns     153
   Inserting a New Worksheet     154
   Renaming Worksheet Tabs     155
   Deleting a Worksheet     156
   Hiding a Worksheet     157
   Protecting a Workbook with a Password     158
Chapter 12  Formatting Worksheet Data     160
   Wrapping Text     162
   Merging and Centering Text     163
   Formatting Numbers     164
   Applying Cell Styles     165
   Formatting as a Table     166
   Adjusting Column Width     168
   Adjusting Row Height     169
   Finding Data     170
   Freezing Panes     171
   Sorting Data     172
   Filtering Data     174
Chapter 13  Working with Cell Formulas and Functions     176
   Creating a Simple Formula     178
   Copying Formulas Using Fill     179
   Creating a Compound Formula     180
   Creating an Absolute Reference in a Formula     182
   Using the SUM Function     184
   Using the AutoSum Button     186
   Using the AVERAGE Function     187
Chapter 14  Working with Charts, PivotTables, and Sparklines     188
   Inserting a Chart     190
   Applying a Chart Style     192
   Modifying a Chart     193
   Creating a PivotTable     194
   Adding a Sparkline     196

Chapter 15  Creating and Managing PowerPoint Presentations     198
   Creating a New PowerPoint Presentation     200
   Exploring Normal View     202
   Adding Slides to Your Presentation     203
   Adding a Slide with a Bullet List     205
   Adding Sections to Your Presentation     206
   Creating a Presentation Outline     208
Chapter 16  Editing and Formatting Presentations     210
   Applying a New Slide Layout     212
   Applying a New Theme     213
   Formatting a Slide’s Background     214
   Organizing Your Presentation with Slide Sorter View     216
   Copying and Moving Slides from One Presentation to Another     218
   Deleting a Slide     220
   Using Slide Masters     221
   Inserting a Hyperlink to the Web     222
   Inserting a Hyperlink to Another Slide in Your Presentation     223
   Adding Headers and Footers     224
   Creating Handouts in Microsoft Word     225
   Printing Your Presentation     226
Chapter 17  Working with Audio, Video, and Animation     228
   Inserting Online Video     230
   Inserting a Video Clip from Your Computer     232
   Formatting Video Clips     233
   Inserting an Audio Clip from Your Computer     234
   Setting Slide Transitions     236
   Animating Slide Objects     238
   Customizing Animations on the Animation Pane     240
Chapter 18  Reviewing and Making Presentations     242
   Adding Comments     244
   Managing Comments     245
   Comparing Presentations     246
   Setting Up a Slide Show     248
   Rehearsing Timings     250
   Recording Voice Narrations     251
   Presenting Your Show     252
   Presenting Online     254
   Exploring Presenter View     256
   Creating Videos from PowerPoint Presentations     257

Chapter 19  Sending and Receiving Messages     258
   Add an Email Account     260
   Exploring the Outlook Layout     262
   Sending an Email Message     264
   Receiving and Reading Your Email     265
   Replying to a Message     266
   Forwarding a Message     268
   Attaching Files to a Message     269
   Creating an Email Signature     270
   Creating Email Rules to Manage Spam     272
Chapter 20  Organizing and Scheduling in Outlook     274
   Viewing Your Contacts     276
   Emailing a Contact     277
   Adding a New Contact     278
   Viewing the Calendar     280
   Scheduling an Appointment     281
   Scheduling a Meeting     282
   Sharing Your Calendar     284
   Creating a Task     286
   Managing Tasks     288
   Creating Notes     289
   Subscribing to RSS Feeds     290

Chapter 21  Creating Notebooks     294
   Creating a New Notebook     296
   Adding a Page Title     297
   Creating a Section     298
   Moving a Section     299
   Adding Notes     300
   Adding Pages     301
   Creating Subpages     302
   Adding a Picture     303
   Applying Tags     304
   Inserting Links     305
   Applying a Template     306
   Change Notebook Views     307
Chapter 22  Enhancing and Managing Notebooks     308
   Attaching Files     310
   Inserting Tables     311
   Recording Audio     312
   Recording Video     313
   Adding a Timestamp     314
   Emailing a Page     315
   Drawing in Your Notebook     316
   Sending a Task to Outlook     318
   Sending a File to OneNote     319
Glossary     320
Index     324


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