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Domain-Driven Design Distilled

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Domain-Driven Design Distilled


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  • The first gentle, concise, and robust introduction to DDD: demystifies key concepts, so you can make the most of this emerging paradigm
  • Teaches a way of thinking that encourages discovery and knowledge refinement through experimentation
  • Helps readers challenge dangerous assumptions about their software models
  • Introduces new commercial products that make DDD easier to use
  • Description

    • Copyright 2016
    • Dimensions: 7 X 9-1/8
    • Pages: 176
    • Edition: 1st
    • Book
    • ISBN-10: 0-13-443442-0
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-443442-1

    Domain-Driven Design (DDD) software modeling delivers powerful results in practice, not just in theory, which is why developers worldwide are rapidly moving to adopt it. Now, for the first time, there’s an accessible guide to the basics of DDD: What it is, what problems it solves, how it works, and how to quickly gain value from it.

    Concise, readable, and actionable, Domain-Driven Design Distilled never buries you in detail–it focuses on what you need to know to get results. Vaughn Vernon, author of the best-selling Implementing Domain-Driven Design, draws on his twenty years of experience applying DDD principles to real-world situations. He is uniquely well-qualified to demystify its complexities, illuminate its subtleties, and help you solve the problems you might encounter.

    Vernon guides you through each core DDD technique for building better software. You’ll learn how to segregate domain models using the powerful Bounded Contexts pattern, to develop a Ubiquitous Language within an explicitly bounded context, and to help domain experts and developers work together to create that language. Vernon shows how to use Subdomains to handle legacy systems and to integrate multiple Bounded Contexts to define both team relationships and technical mechanisms.

    Domain-Driven Design Distilled brings DDD to life. Whether you’re a developer, architect, analyst, consultant, or customer, Vernon helps you truly understand it so you can benefit from its remarkable power.

    Coverage includes

    • What DDD can do for you and your organization–and why it’s so important
    • The cornerstones of strategic design with DDD: Bounded Contexts and Ubiquitous Language
    • Strategic design with Subdomains
    • Context Mapping: helping teams work together and integrate software more strategically
    • Tactical design with Aggregates and Domain Events
    • Using project acceleration and management tools to establish and maintain team cadence


    Author's Site

    Please visit the author's site at forcomprehension.com.

    Sample Content

    Sample Pages

    Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 1 and Index)

    Table of Contents

    Preface xi

    Acknowledgments xv

    About the Author xvii

    Chapter 1: DDD for Me 1

    Will DDD Hurt? 2

    Good, Bad, and Effective Design 3

    Strategic Design 7

    Tactical Design 8

    The Learning Process and Refining Knowledge 9

    Let’s Get Started! 10

    Chapter 2: Strategic Design with Bounded Contexts and the Ubiquitous Language 11

    Domain Experts and Business Drivers 17

    Case Study 21

    Fundamental Strategic Design Needed 25

    Challenge and Unify 29

    Developing a Ubiquitous Language 34

    Architecture 41

    Summary 44

    Chapter 3: Strategic Design with Subdomains 45

    What Is a Subdomain? 46

    Types of Subdomains 46

    Dealing with Complexity 47

    Summary 50

    Chapter 4: Strategic Design with Context Mapping 51

    Kinds of Mappings 54

    Making Good Use of Context Mapping 60

    An Example in Context Mapping 70

    Summary 73

    Chapter 5: Tactical Design with Aggregates 75

    Why Used 76

    Aggregate Rules of Thumb 81

    Modeling Aggregates 88

    Summary 98

    Chapter 6: Tactical Design with Domain Events 99

    Designing, Implementing, and Using Domain Events 100

    Event Sourcing 107

    Summary 109

    Chapter 7: Acceleration and Management Tools 111

    Event Storming 112

    Managing DDD on an Agile Project 125

    Timeboxed Modeling 132

    Summary 136

    References 137

    Index 139


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