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101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, Volume I: Developing Apps 1-50

101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, Volume I: Developing Apps 1-50

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Dimensions: 7 X 9-1/8
  • Pages: 700
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-266072-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-266072-3

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Got a great idea for an app? There’s a chapter for that!

Calling all developers: Windows Phone 7 is starting to gain traction, and the opportunity is yours to sell the next killer app! 101 Windows Phone 7 Apps is a book series like no other–best-selling author and Microsoft developer Adam Nathan walks you through the process of building 101 real, robust, diverse, and marketplace-certified Silverlight applications. You not only get online access to the full source code and related assets, but the book is chock full of tips, warnings, and advice that can only come from Adam’s experience of writing so many complete applications and selling them in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Imagine how long it would take you to develop and test 50 apps and how much you would learn from the experience. Rather than spending all that time starting from scratch, use this book to hit the ground running! Whether you simply make cosmetic changes to apps in this book (for example, creating kid-themed versions), repurpose apps (such as building a mortgage calculator based on Chapter 10’s tip calculator), or build something completely unique, this book can greatly accelerate your development time and help you create high-quality apps. Sell your apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace and make this book pay for itself!

Volume I contains the first 50 apps and covers the following:

  • Everything you need to know about Silverlight
  • Fully exploiting phone features such as the application bar, hardware/software keyboards, multi-touch, accelerometer, microphone, and more
  • Using rich controls such as pivots, panoramas, and controls in free toolkits, such as date/time pickers, toggle switches, charts, and graphs
  • Building your own custom controls, including popular ones missing from the platform, such as a checkable list box, multi-select picker box, and color picker
  • Broadly applicable pages, such as a photo-cropping page and accelerometer-calibration page
  • How to make your app look and feel like a first-party app
  • Practical tips on a wide range of topics, even acquiring and creating sound effects, using custom fonts, and creating icons

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction     1

Part I: Getting Started

Chapter 1: Tally     17

The Application Manifest



Splash Screen

XML Namespaces

Status Bar

Phone Theme Resources

Naming XAML-Defined Elements


Chapter 2: Flashlight     39

Application Bar



Message Box

Chapter 3: In Case of Emergency     61


On-Screen Keyboard

Hardware Keyboard

Text Box

Input Scopes

Scroll Viewer

Size Properties

Margins and Padding

Emulator-Specific Code

Chapter 4: Stopwatch     89



User Controls


Progress Bar


Orientation Lock

Chapter 5: Ruler     123


Vector Graphics


Repeat Button

Hardware Back, Start, & Search


Hit Testing

Content Controls

Chapter 6: Baby Sign Language     153

Page Navigation

Data Binding

Data Templates

List Box


Resource Versus Content Build


Chapter 7: Date Diff     185

Silverlight for Windows Phone


Date Picker

Chapter 8: Vibration Composer     191


Wrap Panel

Running While the Screen is


Getting Coordinates of an


The Tag Property

Line Breaks

Chapter 9: Fake Call     207



Time Picker

Text Line Height

Disabling Automatic Screen Lock

Chapter 10: Tip Calculator     235

Application Lifecycle

Control Templates

Routed Events

Theme Detection

Toggle Button, Radio Button,

& Check Box Controls

List Box Items

Data Binding to a Named Element

Chapter 11: XAML Editor     271

Dynamic XAML


TextBox Manipulation

Background Worker

Copy & Paste

Part II: Transforms & Animations

Chapter 12: Silly Eye     301


Event Triggers

Named Resources

Settings Page

Color Picker


Chapter 13: Metronome     327

2D Transforms

Animating Rotation

Animation Completed Event

Frame Rate Counter

Chapter 14: Love Meter     347

Keyframe Animations

Animating Scale

Checking Storyboard Status

Chapter 15: Mood Ring     361

Color Animations

Property Paths

Gradient Brushes

Object Animations

Point Animations

Drop Shadows

Chapter 16: Lottery Numbers Picker     377

Sharing Animations

Creating Animations in C#

Looping Selector

Chapter 17: Pick a Card Magic Trick     395

3D Transforms

Opacity Masks

Image Brush

One-Time Actions

Chapter 18: Cocktails     413

Quick Jump Grid

Dependency Properties

URL Encoding & Decoding

Storyboards as Timers

Indeterminate Progress Bars

Long List Selector

Chapter 19: Animation Lab     441

Custom Controls

Visual State Manager

Bitmap Caching

Tilt Effect

Part III: Storing & Retrieving Local Data

Chapter 20: Alarm Clock     463

Isolated Storage


Settings Page Guidelines

Toggle Switch

Using Custom Fonts


Chapter 21: Passwords & Secrets     493

Encryption & Decryption

Password Box

Value Converters


Observable Collections


Chapter 22: Notepad     527

Reading & Writing Files

Chapter 23: Baby Milestones     545

Reading & Writing Pictures


Two-Way Data Binding

Chapter 24: Baby Name Eliminator     565

Local Databases

Shipping Data with Your App

Chapter 25: Book Reader     587


List Picker

Stretching List Box Items

Part IV: Pivot, Panorama, Charts, & Graphs

Chapter 26: TODO List     611


Context Menu

Data Contract Attributes

Chapter 27: Groceries     649


Chapter 28: Alphabet Flashcards     675

Filmstrip-Style Swiping

Chapter 29: Weight Tracker     681

Charts & Graphs

Part V: Audio & Video

Chapter 30: Cowbell     711

Playing Sound Effects

Composition Target’s Rendering


Chapter 31: Trombone     719

Sound Manipulation

Sound Looping


Chapter 32: Local FM Radio     731

Radio Tuner




Chapter 33: Subservient Cat     743

Playing Video


Part VI: Microphone

Chapter 34: Bubble Blower     759

Sound Detection

Reversing a Slider

Chapter 35: Talking Parrot     775

Microphone Audio Playback

Chapter 36: Sound Recorder     797

Saving Audio Files

Playing Sound Backwards

Multi-Selection List Box

Part VII: Touch & Multi-Touch

Chapter 37: Reflex Test     827

The Touch.FrameReported Event

Touch Points

Chapter 38: Musical Robot     839


Tracking Individual Fingers

Chapter 39: Paint     847

Ink Presenter

Manual Serialization and





Undo & Redo

Chapter 40: Darts     875

Gesture Listener

Manipulation Events

Flick Gesture

Direct Hit Testing

Chapter 41: Deep Zoom Viewer     897

Pinch & Stretch Zooming Gestures

Double-Tap Gesture


Chapter 42: Jigsaw Puzzle     913

Drag Gesture

Image Cropping


Taking Phone Screenshots

Chapter 43: Spin the Bottle!      945

Rotate Gesture

Simulating Inertia

Part VIII: Accelerometer Tricks

Chapter 44: Boxing Glove     951

Accelerometer Basics

Chapter 45: Coin Toss     965

Throwing Detection

Chapter 46: Noise Maker     981

Shaking Detection

Chapter 47: Moo Can     993

Turning-Over Detection


Data Smoothing

Accelerometer Calibration

Chapter 48: Level     1007

Determining the Phone’s Angle

Chapter 49: Balance Test     1019

2D Motion

Chapter 50: Pedometer     1035

Analyzing Walking Motion

Part IX: Appendices

Appendix A: Lessons Index     1049

Appendix B: XAML Reference     1059

Appendix C: Theme Resources Reference     1073

Appendix D: Animation Easing Reference     1083

Appendix E: Geometry Reference     1089

Index     1097


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