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John  TraenkenschuhIs Windows 10 Enough: The Cloud, Part I
By John Traenkenschuh August 12, 2015 Comments

The Cloud is mighty!  All Hail the Cloud, The Slayer of PCs!

John  TraenkenschuhWindows 10: Is It Enough?
By John Traenkenschuh August 10, 2015 Comments

Windows 8 was envisioned as a desktop OS capable of fighting the consumers' fling with Tablets. Now that the war is against Tablets AND PC's, can Windows 10 draw consumers to it?

John  TraenkenschuhI Have Windows 10: Now What?
By John Traenkenschuh August 4, 2015 Comments

Do you have Windows 10?  What do you think of it? Is the Desktop metaphor dead? Have you found a machine that is tablet and laptop enough to be fun and productive?

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