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John  TraenkenschuhI Have Windows 10: Now What?
By John Traenkenschuh Today Comments

Do you have Windows 10?  What do you think of it? Is the Desktop metaphor dead? Have you found a machine that is tablet and laptop enough to be fun and productive?

Brad YaleWindows 7: How To Delete Item Not Found Using CMD
By Brad Yale January 22, 2015 Comments

Every operating system contains errors. One of the more common errors found within Windows OS's is the "item not found" or the "file not found" error. The error typically shows itself when a user tries to delete a file only to find it cannot be deleted when prompted with the following error message: "Could Not Find This Item: This Is No Longer Location in {insert_directory_here}. Verify the item's location and try again."

Well, for those of you who want to delete the file without verifying the item location, below is a quick video tutorial showing you how to delete the item in question. 

John  TraenkenschuhWindows 9 When?
By John Traenkenschuh September 1, 2014 Comments

Traenk is looking forward to Windows 9:  Here's Why.

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