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John  TraenkenschuhFree Visual Studio?
By John Traenkenschuh November 20, 2014 Comments

Just got notice that Microsoft is making a full-featured version of Visual Studio available--for free.  Traenk is happy.

Brad YaleGoogle On Air Live Hangout with the Father of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup
By Brad Yale September 12, 2014 Comments

On August 20th, the father of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup led a Google On-Air Live Hangout event in which he talked about everything C++. The event was sponsored by InformIT, Pearson Education and the Google + C Plus Plus Community. 

Brad YaleOn The Importance of Continued Education
By Brad Yale August 12, 2014 Comments

Normally, I use this space to talk about tech issues. In a way, I will use this post to do that yet more than anything else, I am going to use this space to talk about the reality of continuing to learn in a professional setting. More specifically, I am going to use this space to talk about the importance of continued education in a professional/personal setting and some of the interactive tech tools – Learning Labs – InformIT offers to help you to continue to learn. I promise you, you’ll love Learning Labs.


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