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SQL Server Reference Guide

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Utilities (Cost)

Last updated Mar 28, 2003.

This is one of my favorite tools – it's the monitoring tool of choice for any serious DBA. It's called Spotlight, and it can drill down into some pretty serious metrics on your databases. It's also got a really sexy interface. Learn More here.

SQL Scribe – A SQL documentation builder

Here are some great programming aids for SQL Server.

BMC Software has lots of tools for various database engines

If you need real security, look here for Database Encryption

dbNetGrid is a grid control for ASP and .NET

Here is some Statistical Analysis software for SQL Server

Don't use Crystal Reports? Look here for reporting from SQL Server

See your database activity and get analysis here

IMP has a great index manager

Another great toolkit for SQL Server

SQL Audit Trail - useful to find out who changed what

Database Comparison, and much more

Lumigent has a good SQL Log Explorer

This is a really good database browser

Redgate SQL Comparison tool - I use this one

More SQL Power Tools

I'll post more tools here in the coming weeks. Feel free to e-mail me with your favorite tools.