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Traenk encourages all of us to explore the ThinApp application wrapper...

We know 'Sandboxing' (application virtualization) is a great thing for security.  How else might ThinApp help your IT operations?

First, if you review my articles and blogs, I am a longtime technology & Internet spelunker, often exploring the unmapped caverns of new technologies.  I get Nothing from VMware for writing about ThinApp.  Don't want nuthin' either...

For a few weeks, I danced the Internet with an old, old PDF reader and an old, old copy of an "oft-p0wned" browser.  I clicked banner ads and rendered whatever pdf I was enticed to read.  No problems...

In some cases, we're forced to run old, old versions of software for application compatibility sake.  Yup, some Ueber-Devhead decides to base an organizational application on ancient technology, often left by ancient astronauts who helped build the Pyramids...  Ueber then took a promotion to another company, good riddance!, but left no source, no notes, nothing to go by to architect this Golden Oldie system correctly.  What's a security person to do???

Check out ThinApp.  You can encapsulate the whole baling wire and duct tape system or just core components.  You can even specify when the Way-Back Machine (my term for such systems with old-tech dependencies...) calls the browser whose source is distributed on cuneiform tablets...  This allows you to run a MODERN, SECURE browser, while accommodating the need for Way-Back Machine tech...

Looking for options?  Want to buy time for re-writing a truly nasty system?  Give ThinApp a spin.  Download and test the eval at VMware.com.  Special Tip:  Download the documentation, read it, and write up your testplan BEFORE downloading the ThinApp eval.  Like me, you'll find that all those features makes the eval period too short...

Let me know about your ThinApp experiences below.



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