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The Laid Off IT Guy! This Old House

This is a true story.  The first night, after being separated from service from the job that I’ve held for a long time, I was having a lot of trouble falling asleep.  On my bedside alarm clock I remember seeing 1:00 am, then 2:00 am, and somewhere before 3:00 am I finally drifted off.  But what I woke up remembering is that I was terrified that I couldn’t pay the mortgage on the house we built 4 years ago and that our old house came on the market and we moved back into it.

It did!

I kid you not, my best friend Jake is a realtor and I get an email from him the next morning, titled, “Look what just went on the market!!!”  It may seem unbelievable, but it was my old house that had just listed.

I’ve always felt like I have a touch of ESP.  Strange coincidences happen to me fairly regularly, but by this one I was stunned!  My reply was, “I had a dream about this.  I want to see it.  Seriously.  Please book an appt Tue between 4 and 6 pm.”  He’s a realtor, right?  So, we went to see it.  I had to drag my wife.  She wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about reliving the past as I was.

I was pleased to find it in even better condition than we left it.  They’d repainted inside and out, put in new carpet, a new water heater, etc.  I could seriously see myself living back there, but when I asked my wife what she thought about it.  “No way!” was her response.  I guess the kids have grown and the rooms are small, but what a great little house with built-in neighbors that are already friends.

We didn’t make an offer, but we did refinance our current house (a process that I’d nearly completed before the job loss) and it is much more affordable than it was, which makes staying a better option.

Lock in those high 4 and low 5 interest rates for yourself!  My finance tip for the day!

 Let me hear from you.  Has your job loss or search process cost you sleep?  Have you had any wild dreams that you’d like to share?  Post your comments!