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The Laid Off IT Guy! Resume Redo

In my last blog I discussed “Getting Back to Basics.”  For me, that was reviewing my résumé, building my network, applying for more jobs and attending job clubs and workshops.  The first point of contact you’ll likely have with a prospective employer is your résumé.  If you aren’t getting the number of interviews that you think you should, it might be time to redo your résumé.

When I realized that I’d only had 3 good interviews in the first 5 months, I realized that I just wasn’t getting enough touches to have the numbers game work in my favor.  Most people find me through my résumé, whether it be on job boards or shared and forwarded through my network.  Like you, I submit my résumé with every job posting, but not enough employers were calling me to interview.

I’ve been told that the job hunt is a numbers game; that you have to talk to a lot of potential employers to find the best job for you. Since I didn’t think I was getting enough calls--and definitely not enough interviews--I thought it was time to review the product that I’ve been putting out.

I went back to my Career Coach–-Debbie Kukla at Oi Partners.  Debbie had helped me write the résumé I was submitting, as I hadn’t written one in over 12 years.  While it was way better than what I could have come up with on my own, I asked her if we could make it better.  She shared with me that as she gets to know a client better that she is better able to help her client craft a more targeted résumé.

Knowing that the most important information has to be at the top of page 1 to capture the reader’s attention, we focused primarily on the best use of that real estate.  We revised my opening paragraph, added 3 key accomplishment statements, and created a keyword list of IT leadership competencies.  In the body of the résumé we highlighted the focus words in each achievement statement.  We also altered the font and spacing to make it easier to read.

Has it worked?  I think so.  In the past month that I’ve used this new version of my résumé I’ve had 3 interviews and have 1 more scheduled.  So, that is as much activity in 1 month as I got during the first 5, a marked improvement!

Please take the time to make sure that you are putting out the best résumé possible to improve your odds of being the candidate called in to interview for the next position that you apply for.  Best of luck to you on your job hunting ventures.

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!

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