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The Laid Off IT Guy! Relocation?

I had a networking lunch with my friend Wendi the other day.  She’d emailed me that she had a lead for me and would I like to join her for lunch?  Absolutely!

Her boss had been at a Job Fair trying to pick up some new talent for their copying business and he met someone from the booth next to them that was starting a search for a new IT Director for their bank.  That’s me! All of my experience has been on the financial side of computing. Where do I apply?

The catch…it is 3 hours away!

At this point in my job search (3 weeks), I’m not closing any doors, but moving is something that my family is certainly not interested in doing.  We’ve got this new house that we built that suits us perfectly.  The kids are in a great school district and have good friends. We’re tied into the community through my wife volunteering at the school and the church, and my mentoring a group of Cub Scouts.  It’d be hard to pick up and move.

Now, I say that with LOTS of experience moving.  My Dad got promoted frequently and we moved with every one of them, almost every 3 years; always within the same state, but hours apart, in most cases.  I went to 2 different grade schools, 2 different junior highs and 2 different high schools.  I believe those move experiences have made me as adaptable as I am in new environments today, but it also is what has kept me from having very many deep lasting friendships from my school days.

My wife lived in the same house her entire life, until college.  So, she’s got the opposite perspective.  So far in our married life we’ve been in 3 different houses in two different cities, and our kids in 2 different houses, in the same city, in the same school, so not much of an adjustment for them. 

But the prospect of working 3 hours away is no commute.  We’d have to relocate.  If it is the best offer and we really see the most potential from this career, then we’ll make the move, but I still hope to find something local.

Let me hear from you.  Has your job placement sent you hours away or across the country? How did your immediate and extended family adjust to you being gone?  Post your comments!