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Software Test And Performance Conference

If you live in the Boston/Cambridge area, or you're going to be at STPCon Fall 2007, I invite you to come see me speak. I'll be giving two presentations:
- A Formal Performance Tuning Methodology: Wait-Based Tuning
- Realizing Continuous Performance Management

In the first presentation I propose a tuning methodology that you can use to identify performance problems in your applications, but more importantly I describe how to tune your application to best satisfy the requirements of your applications. It is based on the notion of identifying wait-points in your applications, which are container controlled resources that may cause your applications to pause, and then tuning those wait-points to allow optimal request flow through your application.

In the second presentation I describe how to implement continuous performance management/testing, which is the integration of performance tests into a continuous integration environment. The presentation will describe the foundations of test-driven development and continuous integration and then discuss how to add unit test profiling, integration test profiling, and even load test profiling into a continuous integration build. This is a proactive approach that you can adopt to ensure that performance issues are identified early and resolved well before they become problems.

The conference is October 2-4 in Cambridge, MA. So if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and say "hi"!


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