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SQL Server 2008? Or SQL Server 2005?

By  Dec 17, 2007

Topics: Data

There are a lot of shops still running SQL Server 2000. Most of the time a company is not in a hurry to upgrade something that is working well for them.

Of course, some time next year Microsoft will release SQL Server 2008. Some people will wait until it "bakes" a little before they switch over, but some shops are looking at some sort of an upgrade soon anyway. So the question becomes, do we upgrade to 2005 from SQL Server 2000 or just go through straight to 2008? I guess the factors in the decision are diffferent for every company, but I think we'll see quite a few people just jump to 2008. There are a lot of good reasons for that, most importantly the pain of an upgrade to begin with. You don't want too many changes in a row, but there's that "bake" factor as well.

What are you planning to do?

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