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RFID Vulnerability Affects One Billion Users

Move over Microsoft. RFID might just be a juicier target! With over a billion of these chips in use in building access cards, payment systems and more, the attractiveness of this might catch the attention of the criminal world.

The details are posted at PC World, but in summary the chips can be duplicated. This has been confirmed by two teams working independently from each other, which makes it a bit more serious. One team has published a paper, with both promising to post a video.

Yesterday we posted about heart control devices that were found to be susceptible to wireless attacks. Today another wireless chip vendor is found to have flawed security. Do we really want to trust wireless for anything important?

Needless to say, InformIT.com has numerous books, articles, posts, and sample chapters about RFID. You might want to read up on this technology before you implemented it anywhere.

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