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Oracle offers to Buy BEA for $6.7B

By  Oct 12, 2007

Topics: Programming, Java

Today Oracle made an unsolicited offer to buy BEA for almost $6.7B, over a 25% premium above BEA's closing stock price Thursday. What does this mean to the Java world? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

This morning, Bloomberg reported that Oracle made an unsolicited offer to buy BEA. For the past couple years in our annual predictions I have been predicting that someone would acquire BEA and my original contender was Oracle, but after Oracle appeared to invest so much into Oracle Application Server (based on the Orion Server) I had given up hope on Oracle - I guess I was wrong. In general I think that Oracle and BEA are a good fit: BEA has a great application server, but as a company they don't own a database or an operating system (like IBM does), which makes it hard for them to compete against IBM. Oracle has a great database and suite of products, but not too many people are using its application server. So not only will this move give Oracle power against Microsoft/SAP (as the aforementioned article discusses), but it will really give them a fighting change against IBM. I personally hope that this offer goes through and that Oracle continues to invest into the development of WebLogic.

What do you think, is this a good thing or a disaster for BEA??

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