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Options for Renewing Your CCNA Certification

By  Jan 6, 2009

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Hello there. The other day I received a message from a Certification Reference Guide reader who expressed concern over how he should approach the renewal of his Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) credential. We do have options in this regard, so that's what we'll cover in today's post.

After you have earned your CCNA (requirements), the title is valid for three (3) years. If you let the credential expire, then you have to "rinse and repeat" the entire CCNA validation process to reattain the certification.

However, assuming you are on the ball with your CCNA expiration date, you can perform any of the following three actions to refresh your CCNA for another three years [reference]:

Of the three aforementioned options, the first one is obvious, the second one is less so, and the third (in my humble or not-so-humble opinion) the most compelling of all.

In point of fact, that very question was posed to me by the CRG reader to whom I referred at the outset of this post:

"Does passing a CCNA Concentration exam renew your CCNA certification?"

The answer to this question, fortunately for us, is a resounding YES.

Here is some supplemental information concerning those CCNA Concentration exams that I've cooked up for you:

Please note that you do not earn your CCNA by passing a Concentration exam; a valid CCNA is a prerequisite for your taking any of the three CCNA Concentration tests.

Happy studying!

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