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Once more unto the [Beta Cycle], dear friends, once more

Today marks the first semi-public release of iWeb Buddy, a new application that I have been developing for the past few months.  Unlike seSales or applications developed as a consultant, this development cycle has been a blur of activity.
It is hard to believe that it was only four months ago that Apple released iLife '08 and included with that was the updated iWeb application.  That same day I rushed out to purchase a copy to see what enhancements were included in this new release.  While it was definitely a HUGE improvement over the first release of iWeb, it still lacked quite a bit that was needed to be usable in a more professional or pro-consumer environment.

At first, I started to look at the existing "enhancers" for iWeb and as much as I disliked their GUIs I was willing to give them another go just so I could use this new version of iWeb.  Unfortunately, none of them would work with the update.  In fact, four months later, they still do not work with iWeb 08.  Fortunately I did not wait for them to release an update.

I started mucking around with the html files just to see how hard it would be to do code injection after a page was generated by iWeb.  At that point the problem solver in me kicked in and I started building iWeb Buddy.

A short four months later and it is in public beta.  Truly a blur of development when you consider that Leopard was released in that four months and I have been scrambling (along with all of the other OS X developers) to make sure that my commercial offerings were Leopard compatible. 

So now the cat is out of the bag and people I have never met are playing with my latest toy.

If you are interested in tinkering with it, please stop by at my website.

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