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On Updating my first iPhone app

I recently applied my first update to my iPhone app – “The Day Was…”. As with many things in the technology world, an update is easier than getting the app into the store – the blank slate problem! Just a little bit of wrestling with the app binary is required and you use the same distribution profile as for the first submission.

The simplicity of apps for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms belies the complexity of the app store processes and the complexity of the Objective-C language. But, I still think it’s worth the effort because the mobile platform is arguably undergoing far deeper development than any computer platform I can think of. So, mobile is a huge force in the future development of computing.

The update I applied is very simple – my app allows you to select any date and then to display the day of the week. The update now allows you to pass the selected date into a Google search. So, you can see some of what happened on the day in question.

I hope my users enjoy the change – anyone who purchased the first version will receive a free update with the latest changes. I have other changes in the pipeline – so do watch this space if you have a free minute!

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