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By  May 22, 2008

Topics: Programming, Java

What do you think about JavaFX? Can it compete with Flex and Silverlight? Will it be the future of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) or just a passing fad?

Last week I reviewed the "hits" from JavaOne and everything was about JavaFX. This weekend I'll publish an introduction to JavaFX, which includes your first "Hello, World!" desktop application built using OpenJFX. And the next week we'll look at building complex applications using trees and tables and such.

So while I earnestly hope that JavaFX is the future of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), I want to hear your opinions. Here are some questions to get us started:

Will Sun be able to maximize on their automatic update feature to truly achieve the reach (number of installed machines) that they claim?

Will the Consumer JRE deliver the performance and quick loading that Sun needs to compete? As an example, I went to Microsoft's website today and I didn't have Silverlight installed - the site told me that the download was going to take 20 seconds, will Java be able to compete?

Read my update this weekend and see how cool JavaFX is and how easy it makes it to create user interfaces, and then tell me if you think Sun can drive mass adoption.


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