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Is 2008 really the year of Business Intelligence?

By  Dec 26, 2007

Topics: Data

I've seen predictions that 2008 will finally bring Business Intelligence to the forefront of company planning. The trouble is, I've seen that prediction for over five years now.

Sure, there has been some consolidation in the marketplace for the major BI vendors. And it is true that Microsoft's BI product gets more client software and gets easier to use with 2008. But will companies really get it? Will they finally put all that data to work?

I'm not sure. Actually, there is quite a bit of BI already in many companies, albiet embedded in various products they are buying for other purposes. But will they really push out the "3-click" tools to the masses? Time will tell. In the meantime, it couldn't hurt to read up on what BI is, and how it is used. More here.

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