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Gifts for Geeks Part 7.5: One Laptop per Child

By  Nov 27, 2007

Topics: Hardware

Through it's "Give One Get One" program, you can now get your hands on the One Laptop per Child hardware while simultaneously donating one laptop to a child in a developing nation.

The XO laptop, originally envisioned to sell for $100 or less, is the hardware behind the One Laptop per Child initiative.  At first these laptops were only to be given to children in developing countries, but the Give One Get One program allows people in the US and Canada to buy one for themselves.  Each $399 purchase not only gets you one of these cool machines, but also buys one to be sent to someone else in need. (200 bucks of that is tax deductible as a donation to a non-profit organization.)

The GOGO program has been extended through the rest of 2007, so it's easier to tinker with this laptop than ever before.  It's a win-win: donate to a good cause and get a unique laptop to boot (literally...).  Maybe Intel will do the same for it's "competing" Classmate PC someday.

Look for a review of the XO laptop on InformIT as soon as we get ours.

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